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  1. Blackbird

    Poi - Save Game Location

  2. Version


    Increases draw distance in Driver: Parallel Lines Mod used to be hosted here http://www.planet-driver.de/driver4/downloads,id102,draw_distance_mod.html
  3. Blackbird

    Airfix Dogfighter patch

    Version 1.20


    Latest patch for Airfix Dogfighter. Copy the contents to game folder. Acquired from https://patches-scrolls.de/patch/264/7/19252
  4. Amazing find! I had slower Alt+Tabbing with the new update too and had no idea what causes it. This indeed restores the old fast behavior.
  5. Blackbird

    Shadow Warrior 2

    Sounds like pointless trivia to me. Being first to do something is nothing special.
  6. Blackbird

    List of PCGW issues

    Few new bugs after the upgrade(?) Top bar icons I know it's kinda obvious, but the new alerts and notification buttons are almost invisible and badly aligned. I assume they are just reused icons from wikipedia and need custom ones made? Editing page Template icons are too big and lists are obscured by changelog text field
  7. Blackbird

    NoCD Patches

    Mentioning it should be fine (if there really is no other way to play the game), but directly linking is big no-no.
  8. Blackbird

    Haptic feedback w/o controller support ?

    So the game doesn't have controller support, but it still vibrates? Sounds odd to me.
  9. Blackbird

    Form-based editing test

    Holy moly this is amazing piece of work. I was always thinking if such thing is possible since PCGW pages are all just pre-defined templates, but never saw such thing in workable state. Good job! I assume old "Source editor" would still work right? Kinda like wikia has visual editor and old one.