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Wings of Glory - Customer Wishlist Patch

About This File

Wings of Glory

"Customer Wishlist"

Version 2.2


Readme file


1. Overview


This update is being provided to add a few features that have been frequently

requested by our users. These options can be turned on and off by the user to

customize the game more to your specific skills and preferences.


Again, these options were added at the request of a few users, they may or

may not be suitable for your flying skills and preferences. Remember these

options can be turned of and on as you like.


2. Installing the Up-date



The first step to installing the Update is to copy the new GLORY.EXE file into

your Wings of Glory directory. This file is identical to the original file

with the exception of adding the new options.


***NOTE*** After installing the update you find you wish to return the game

to its original version, simply reinstall the game from the CD.


3. The new Options



You can activate any of the following options while in flight. Simply use

the key-command for the specific options you wish to activate. As these

options are activated a plaque will appear with the name of the option and

its status. These options will not show up in the Options menu ( [Alt] O ),

but will be saved when you select SAVE in the Options menu. The first time

you play the game with the new file you will need to reset your options in

the game. They may default to settings different than when you last played

the game.



Spins [Alt] S


This option will allow the plane to get into a spin much easier. This

feature will only work if Stalls are on in the Options Menu



Faster Rotation Response [Alt] R


The only way to describe this option is to call it the "F-16" option.

This will cause your WW1 plane to rotate like a jet. This option is intended

for users who are having trouble maneuvering their plane. If you are not

having trouble flying the plane we recommend NOT selecting this option.



Far Terrain Clipping Auto


This feature relieves most of the line blocking in the terrain when looking

from far away. This option is automatic and can not be turned off.



Black outs [Alt] P


This was a strongly debated subject about if you could black out in a WW1

airplane. It was very hard to find documented incidents regarding black-outs

in WW1 aircraft. For those of you who wanted them, here they are.

With this option on you will still find it very hard to black-out,

especially if you have Wing Shearing turned on.



Lewis Gun View [F8]


This option allows you to look at roughly a 45 degree angle up in all the

planes. This works well in some planes and not so well in others.



Unlimited Fuel [Alt] U


This is for those of you that just lack the little bit of fuel to return

home after the battle. If you find you run out of fuel too much and want

to remove that problem, this option is for you.


4.0 Comments and Problems



Replay Tapes


Replay tapes will only work with the EXE they were originaly recorded with.

If you wish to view the replay tapes made with the original game or supplied

with the clue book you will need to make a copy of the original GLORY.EXE

before installing the Wishlist. Use the following as an example.




When you install the Wishlist make a backup of your new executable also. Name

the new EXE file GLORY.NEW. Use the following example.




To view replay tapes recorded from the original version or provided with the

Clue Book, type




This will replace the Wishlist EXE with the origial EXE. To get the Wishlist

EXE back type the following.






We hope you find these options helpful. If you have any comments or

problems with any of the options please feel free to contact us.


Origin Systems Inc 1995

What's New in Version 07/12/2017 02:11 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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