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Silent Hill 2 Modern Compatibility Fix 1.0

About This File


Install the game.

Run my patch.

Select if you'd like to play with AA.

Select your desired resolution.



What it does

- Copies the fixed exe over the original

- Runs the resolution patcher

- Applies an affinity (& 640x480 mode) fix, this can be uninstalled from "Program and Features" ("Add/Remove Programs" in XP) later, it's called "Silent Hill 2 Processor Affinity Fix", for example after you uninstall the game you may want to uninstall this too.

- Auto sets the game to 640x480 (which is actually the resolution you have selected eg 1920x1080) and graphics settings turned to the maximum (minus the noise filter)

- Applies my AA fix in case you want to play with AA. If you don't plan to, no reason to enable it, as the hack causes a few glitches (still 90% of the game looks fine, and really.. AA is a must with this game..)



all credits belong to angular graphics

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