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  1. done few try... death stranding let you choose only 16:9 or 21:9 so haven't auto like horizon zero dawn...and is a perfect 2,33:1 aspect ratio...for this let me set max 3360x1440p if i create and set desktop with 3840x1620 (2,37:1) or 3840x1600 (2,4:1) or 3836x1644 (perfect 2,33:1) ingame im always locked to 3360x1440p, around i have read digitalfoundry too have speaked on locked resolution in death stranding. so i guess i can't solve this atm without play it with a bit upscaling or in my full 4k 16:9 😕
  2. i have a 43" 16:9 and i use 3840x1620 custom 21:9 resolution...how i can do downsampling from this? u mean dsr? i dislike dsr cuz the associated filter. maybe is the my first game with locked resolution...all games always accept all resolutions :/....im fine with horizon zero dawn and this use the same engine
  3. i have 3840x1620 can u include this resolution? is aspect ratio 2,37:1 like the 2560x1080 but i want run it on native resolution without upscaling
  4. i use 3840x1620 aspect ratio 2,37:1 but i get max 3360x1440p then upscaling....so death stranding is locked to 1440p vertical max resolution?
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