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  1. This still works with the latest/current Steam version. The vanilla game on Win 11 is sensible to the Windows "SDR content brightness slider", but when following the instructions attached to this file, it stops being sensible to that slider, meaning the game is actually HDR content. Mind that HDR needs to be enabled in Windows and that the game needs to be fullscreen (borderless or not) to allow HDR. Auto HDR was off for all my tests. Also note that I don't actually know if the game produces any brightness over the SDR range, it didn't seem that bright on my screens, though I don't see w
  2. Worth noting that this patch doesn't work with DLSS, at least on my 32:9 1440p screen, where selecting the rendering resolution is greyed out in fullscreen or borderless mode. Enabling or disabling DLSS makes no difference, even changing the renderer.ini to resolutions presets that are supposed to be supported by DLSS (e.g. res/1.5), or messing with the m_eDLSSQuality variable in there. Also worth noting that the healthbar on enemies is not centered on them when they are moving.
  3. Still works on 1.28.00, at least in its default configuration.
  4. Version 5


    Nioh2Resolution Adds support for any resolutions to *Nioh 2: Complete Edition* on PC (UI isn't perfectly scaled). Credit to LennardF1989 for the original Nioh 1 version. ## How to use? 1) Download the latest release of Nioh2Resolution. 2) Save the content of the archive to the root of the *Nioh 2: Complete Edition* game-directory (Defaults to `C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Nioh2` for Steam installs) (you can delete it later on) 3) Run `Nioh2Resolution.exe` and follow the instructions. 4) Start the game and set the resolution to the specified one (if that is not s
  5. I also had the same problem and emailed help@pcgamingwiki.com.
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