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What's the origin of your name?

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My username is basically the end product of some 30 minutes brainstorming session a decade or so ago when I was a teenager, where I wanted a new and unique username that could work as an actual "name" (as opposed to the regular "xXDarkShadow2005Xx" etc stuff of that time) as well as be a name I could permanently use and therefor needed to like a lot.



"Ae" because I like how these two letters looks together in that order. It was a close call between "ae" and "ea", but I ended up liking the look of "ae" slightly more than "ea".

"mon" because I also apparently really liked those letters in that specific order as well! Probably influenced by franchises like Pokémon, Digimon, etc at the time.

"y" because of a reason I won't mention here.


I tend to also use anagrams of "Aemony" as well here and there. For example, one of my more frequent variations of "Aemony" is "Nomeya", another username I really like.

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My username is pretty straightforward, with Voyager being my favourite Star Trek series.

Where it gets somewhat "interesting" is with the "ncc" prefix.

For some time, I had used the username "ussvoyager" (or a variation of it) which would be the full title of the starship Voyager, with no space between the prefix and the ship name.
Unfortunately, several games and websites I frequented at the time began to censor or block "ussvoyager" in chat, profile descriptions, and forum posts.
Wishing to keep the username as close as possible, I switched out the "uss" ship prefix with the "ncc" (naval construction contact number) prefix.
It's been my primary personal username ever since.
(Well, other than Google as, surprising to me, someone else had already made an account with the "nccvoyager" username.)

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On 6/24/2019 at 1:10 AM, Cptmold said:

It's kinda funny seeing this name, as I haven't gone by this in a long time.  It was kind of just a random two names I threw out there, and it stuck... but then I started seeing it elsewhere, or I would try to sign up somewhere and find the name was already taken.  It quickly became more trouble than it was worth.


It took a very long time to settle for a good name, much less one that actually meant something, and finding something actually original was even more difficult.  Not an elegant tale nor a very interesting one, but there it is.

Are those two random names Cpt + Mold as in Captain Mold?

Also what about the origins of your Discord name? 🖥️🐢

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Mine is simply my legal name. For Steam it's my first and last name concatenated. Creative, I know.

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