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  1. Certain games can be used in local co-op by adding a controller or by faking a controller using emulators like VJoy. Might be helpful. Although some games will become useless with the software, like Tiny and Bigs in grandpas leftovers. The view will just spin to the left constantly unless you detach the controller or uninstall the emulator software. Happens even if the software is not running.
  2. With 1-2,000 games it looks like I need to start turning my 9 recommendations into a Review for all the games I own. Its going to be quite a long task. I'm happy with this update, it'll be nice to get some crowdsourced info but it'll have its pros and cons just like metacritic and paid reviews do already.
  3. Bought a few things, traded a few things. Most important thing to me this sale was grabbing some Rocksmith DLC at 50% off, other than that it was buying games for trading cards / steam achievements.
  4. I'll listen to the roosterteeth podcast or their gaming podcast The Patch every once and a while.
  5. I'm fascinated with economics and anthropology. My favorite topic is the Lost Decade in japan and their decade or two of immense stagflation. Hikikomori's sort of grew out of that, when you have strain on employment and high bars for competition in the workplace mixed with old money being rich and young money being poor with low opportunity, you get this reverse system where the old take care of the young instead of the reverse. Mix in negative birthrates, social and cultural differences and humans do weird things. I'm oversimplifying things but its better than writing nonstop about it. N
  6. I agree, though consoles still can be used to watch netflix and other "non-gaming" services. Still amazing to watch tournaments through steam or even through the games themselves like Dota 2 and CS:GO. A growing database for sure, that will be fun to pick apart for silly metrics.
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