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  1. Does anybody here have a gained interest in the Wii U now that they've announced a price drop for next month? If not, do you ever plan on buying one? If so, what would it take for Nintendo to convince you to buy one? Personally I'm going to wait until later Winter but I was already drawn in before the upcoming price drop.
  2. Garry's Mod Counter-Strike: Source Portal Battlefield 2142 Cave Story I tried to choose games that came out on PC originally or were PC exclusive.
  3. Miser

    XBox One reveal

    I'm not too enthused by the next gen consoles coming out later this year but I do like some of the concepts they are bringing to the table. The always-online and heavy digital push from Microsoft was a good step in my opinion but they are pushing it on a user-base that isn't ready for that. With modifications it would have been a nice system similar to how Steam is setup. The redesigned Xbox control sure looks nice and I'm surprised they were able to change up the mostly solid 360 control.
  4. Miser - I've always used a different name online but whenever I went to signup for Xbox Live I wanted to use the name Mister Clarence. Some error occurred while creating the account and the website was now saying the previously available name was unavailable now. Instead of coming up with a new name I decided to take the 't' out and hoped nobody noticed. Friends then started calling me Miser and it stuck.
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