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  1. If a setting is accessible to change in a .ini file, it is hackable right? Would i need to post a full fix about it?
  2. Sk3pt1kal

    What's the origin of your name?

    basically just a nod to the youtuber Cr1TiKaL. And it let's me piss people off by saying "I don't know, I'm a little sk3pt1kal"
  3. Sk3pt1kal

    GOG.com Enhancement Project

    Also, i noticed that the gogmix of games hasn't been updated and it only shows maybe 20 games on the mix, is the GOGmix still a priority?
  4. Sk3pt1kal

    Help for new poster

    thanks for looking at it! i appreciate seeing all the feedback!
  5. I recently started contributing to this wiki and have hacked through this page from scratch to help with the GOG.com enhancement project. Wondering if i could get feedback on what i might be doing wrong and what might need to be done further on this page to improve it. Thank you!
  6. It would probably be best to add a note for almost all N/A, since it still might be confusing for readers edit: though obviously this would make the clutter worse
  7. Sk3pt1kal

    Clarification on Settings

    ok, i'm still not quite sure about "Mouse input in menus" though, could you guys elaborate on that?
  8. This has been addressed in previous posts but I still have a few questions. Now for all input and audio settings, they are determined on whether are not they can be changed in the game, not whether they appear? So something like mouse acceleration would be false if there is mouse acceleration in the game but there is no option to turn it off? Also I'm extremely confused about what mouse input in menu means, does this have to do with whether these games can be adjusted to NOT use mouse input in a settings menu or does it simple mean that it allows you to use your mouse in menus even if you are using a controller? Similar question for mute on loss of focus. Thanks for helping a newb out.