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  1. Things that I have tried: Restart the computer Reinstall Steam Update drivers Opt into Steam Beta On another computer With alt. account Waiting over an hour Unplug every USB device Flush registry files Several more minor fixes from forums etc. Yeah, I have posted on all communities I can think of, barely anyone answering so I suppose it's time to contact Steam support so that I might get to use the Steam Link around Christmas.
  2. I know this forum is mainly for maintaining the PCgamingWiki, but I need help with this. Figured there are a lot of experienced users here. Video Specs: Windows 10 Pro, upgraded from Windows 7 64-bit. Intel Core i7 3770k (3.5Ghz Quad Core) 32GB DDR 3 Ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 2GB OS and Steam installed on Intel 520 series SSD 240GB (120GB free space) Steam fresh installed, tried with beta as well as without. 100 Games Installed
  3. Sigh, I just might change it to Mendo, but that's on the edge of being too common again :(
  4. I have no particular use for family sharing, nobody in my family is gaming. Although that is just taking it literately. I have a bunch of friends willing to be my steam family and I am looking forward to the beta to start (hopefully today!) this week.
  5. I enjoy ORION: Dino Horde. I always play it with scepticism and always complain how bad the mechanics are. Yet I end up have a good time. That game was seriously bashed by reviewers. There was A LOT of talk about the lead developer being a douche, not paying the rest, using textures from other games etc. Sure, there is a ton of Co-op games more deserving than DINO: Orion Horde, but I sometimes still enjoy that game. Maybe because of the achievements.
  6. Mendozacheers has quite the story. 5-7 Years back or so I decided to change username, because my last one was too common. I had to find something unique, rememberable and something that sounded okay. At the time I was in a clan, or community that was playing a lot of Halo: Combat Evolved (this was still before I got around using Steam). I first went with the username Cheerio for quite awhile (maybe 2 years or so), then I realized that Cheerio was too common as well. Had to evolve. I think there was a NPC in Halo called Mendoza, for some reason that stuck to me (I am not Hispanic). I simply mer
  7. 1. Half-Life 2 Simply because of it's impossible atmosphere. 2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Call me old fashioned, but I prefer this TES over Oblivion and Skyrim. Great immersive world to play in. 3. Half-Life Yeah... 4. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Probably the most played game of all time for me, especially with AOEIIHD out. 5. Halo: Combat Evolved Mostly in the top 5 for how unique and beautiful that game was when it came, maybe not so much anymore.
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