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  1. Yeah had that problem when i 1st upgrade from a intel core 2 quad :D to my i5 until then i didn't know about the socket thing now i know :D .
  2. Ty for the help but since money is a issue at me XD i upgrade very slowly . So in your opinion should i 1st invest in a CPu i5 Haswell 1st or for example change my HDD with a SSD samsung pro for example , and invest in a graphic card later . Also I think my power source has like 4 years now but runs pretty good haven't had problems with it since i don't OC . I had in mind to go 1st for the SSD since i feel like my HDD might reach it's end , then change GPU ( since i dont have to change the MB for it) and lastly change my CPU+MB since i have to change both . P.S: As i said because of money issues i can only upgrade piece by piece and wanted to know what route to take to improve my rig for MMORPGs ( since that is what i mostly play).
  3. My name comes from a character in Lineage 2 that died during the race war called Rumiel . He was a poet and one of the quests there had u go kill orcs to find pieces of his poetry . I needed an elven name since I really like playing elves and changed the i->y because i liked it more how it looked . And FrostFlame is because i like the idea of a blue flame that freezes everything ( the opposite of fire in a way ) since elves are water mages ( at least in l2 they are) and hate fire because it destroys. Usually in a games if i cannot play as elves or i play as a human i put the surname CrymsonFlame :) . I choose Rumiel as a base for my name because almost nobody new who he was since not everybody reads the quest before taking it :)) , it is a good reminder of how much I loved that game .
  4. Hi, this is my 1st topic here and though i could get some insight on info about PC hardware and how it influences the MMORPG type games. So i got 2 questions to that : 1) General : What is mostly required for a MMORPG to run at full speed ( FPS, no lag, good loading if it is instanced or open world) ? By this question I mean to what pieces of hardware should you look to change if you got problems with that, or what to upgrade if you feel the game is running slower for you. ( I know each games has it's requirements but I'm more interested in how each pieces helps the game :D ) 2) Specific : My computer hardware is I5 750 2.67 Ghz Nvidia 560 from Palit ( i know that it has a bit of a shitty cooling) MB Asus Maximus III Formula 8 GB RAM DDR3 1333 a 450W source a 500GB HDD Sata ( its like 3 years old and don't know it's specs) If i wanted to invest in changing the Hardware what should I buy and in what order to boost games for MMORPGs mostly . Currently i run GW2 at 30-61 FPS with almost all maxed out at 1440x900 Resolution ( depends on numbers of chars on screen). Sry if i posted in the wrong section or anything and hope you can help :) .
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