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  1. TotalBiscuit Highly informative series about gaming and current news, plus commentaries about games and their existing problems. SeaNanners Fun; Hilarious; Amazing; Did I mention hilarious? Plays lots of fun Source games and has his own animated series. Criken Mainly a channel about co-op games, and some others apart, where constant stupidity and odd circumstances happen more often than not.
  2. Warframe: Addicting sci-fi shooter about space ninjas in a quest to find the mysteries of their past and to fight their enemy factions, while grinding for materials and items needed to improve their arsenals. Batman: Arkham Asylum + Batman: Arkham City: Batman epi-fied, with lots of fun investigating and hourly thug beating. What else can I say? It's bloody Batman.
  3. I used to belong in a clan, and one of the members, phonetically spoke the first letters of my name, resulting in JayAreEmCee and then I proceeded to shorten it to JRMC afterwards.
  4. 1. Warframe 2. Metro series 3. Killing Floor 4. Payday series 5. Batman: Arkham series
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