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What's the origin of your name?

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I'm fascinated with economics and anthropology.  My favorite topic is the Lost Decade in japan and their decade or two of immense stagflation.  Hikikomori's sort of grew out of that, when you have strain on employment and high bars for competition in the workplace mixed with old money being rich and young money being poor with low opportunity, you get this reverse system where the old take care of the young instead of the reverse.  Mix in negative birthrates, social and cultural differences and humans do weird things.  I'm oversimplifying things but its better than writing nonstop about it.  Now I just get people asking me if I like the name because of the anime "Welcome to the NHK", which is a good anime, but not the reason I use the name.



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Wait dafaq?

Where does this thread come from?


Anyway, my name is a kind of phonetic mashup.

I needed a new BF2 demo account, for.. whatever reasons.

And since I felt I was growing older I thought I may even put some actual effort into thinking/wording something cool.

So iirc I took the first two letters of my real name, thought to which of the remaining 25 letters could sit next to them better, and then added an H cause I felt the resulting contrast could sound badass.




I'm kind of happy even after half a decade.

The only regret is that the twitter username was already taken.

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Back in 2001 (I think) I was registering my first e-mail.
And The Terminator was my favourite franchise (not anymore - thank you very much, Salvation and Genisys).
But the name was already taken, so I added OST as in "official soundtrack" - it was the best I could come up with at that moment :)
And since then I use "TerminatorOST" even if "Terminator" is available.

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Back in year 2006, had to come up with nickname for IRC-Galleria, hip popular finnish image site, similar how facebook is now and I'm still being teased when I made note "first day on IRC" as I didn't use actual IRC for years after that statement. 

Super Mario combined with birthyear = Mario92. Also IRL name and that both start with M, so it felt natural for some reason. As started to use more of the amazing internet and even got one at home with SUPA FAST 2G trough Nokia 6151, that nickname seemed like it was in use in some places as it's quite generic.

Solution was finnish slang. So now I mostly use:

- Marioysikax, Mario, ysi = 9, kax = 2. 

- Mairo, Pronounced as "My Ro" as it quicky became a nickname of the original nickname when used VoIP in games and such. For some reason when people read the name, they misspell it as "Mario" when referring to me. 


Usually not being foilhat, so I do use IRL name in many places. That names origin should be obvious thing :p 


Also seeing some pattern here, most common reason seems to be "needed nickname, combined stuff".

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When I wanted to sign up for AIM back in 2001, I was a big fan of Chaos, the final boss of Sonic Adventure and went with "chaos450" at the time. Couple years later, I wanted to move on from the name+number format but wasn't sure where to go. My friend suggested appending "Neo" to it, not because of The Matrix but because I considered it something a new/fresh start and "neo" being another way to say new. I've stuck X or EX to the end of it for services where NeoChaos is already taken, but otherwise, that has been my online handle since.

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