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New Files section categories


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Soeb and I decided that the categories used previously for the Files section needed an overhaul. Files were becoming hard to find without a link and categories were being disproportionately used. So new categories and sub-sections were created to better suit and organize our files.


A quick rundown of the (current) layout:

  • Applications (for standalone applications and software)
    • General (a catch-all for anything that doesn't fit in the categories that are available)
    • Demos (official game demos and shareware go here)
    • Full games (for complete and (legally) free games. Pirated software and abandonware are not proper submissions!)
    • Dedicated servers (for software needed to run a dedicated multiplayer server for a game)
    • Tools (no longer a standalone category. For applications that have specific and technical uses)
  • DLL files (Same as before)
  • Game fixes (for game-specific fixes)
    • General (a catch-all for anything that doesn't fit in the categories that are available)
    • Official patches (for patches officially provided by the developer)
    • Unofficial patches (for patches created by the community)
    • Gamepad configurations (for controller-based fixes and custom button mapping files)
    • Scripts (no longer a standalone category)
  • Extra game content (NEW! For extra developer and community-created game content)
    • Official content (for developer-created content)
    • Community content (for smaller community-created content like map packs, models, etc.)
    • Mods (for community-created game modifications. This is NOT the same as the Community content sub-section!)
  • Other (Same as before. For anything that doesn't fit in any of the other categories)

Any category with sub-sections will have the root category act as a hub. Eventually, submissions to the root category will no longer be allowed, so please add future submissions to the most appropriate sub-section.

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