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Files and posting format

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I am thinking that it may help with clarity to put in place a loose policy on the way entries are titled in the Files section to improve clarity. I think this will help people get to our files through Google, and makes the pages easier to scan.


Here's my suggestions:

Game - Filename - Description



Alan Wake - VectorBlur.zip - disabling motion blur


For description, I suggest copying and pasting any kind of readme file that is attached, and link to the main Wiki page for the game.


Any thoughts?

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The ideal solution would be to modify the system to automatically put the file name in the information area to the side (and possibly a checksum hash too). This would also keep the URLs short and accommodate file name changes between versions without breaking existing links. The edge cases (e.g. zipped DLLs) could still be manually mentioned in the page title when needed.


In the meantime I'd say it would look better with the file name after the description; normal text is easier to read and many file names don't carry any extra information anyway (game_name_thing_fixed.zip).

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Thanks these are good suggestions. I'll see if I can add this information into the title automatically.


Has there been any progress on this? Did you manage to automatically add the information on an upload?

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