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  1. I have found out that updates and shouldn't really matter. The only differences between those and are the executable files or DRM. Found this in the comment section of a Russian torrent site (the one where the cracks (aka Windows 10 No-StarForce patches) for TMPU, TMSSU, TMO, TMS, TMN ESWC,... are originally posted), so I can't give a link to that. As long as you install and the fixed files you should be good to go. Still, if someone does find them, please share them so that this can be proven.
  2. There is another Limited Edition crack which isn't the Ultimate Unlocker. Try that.
  3. In the Win8 fix section of the game's wiki page, the link given to the fix mentions using the in-game updater to apply the patch (tho it does work without it).
  4. I got the TrackMania 2 demo and all the textures are blurry/low res despite having all gfx options maxxed out. I had a similar problem with Nations Forever, but I fixed it by downgrading the game to a 2009 patch, opening Nadeo.ini and chaning the Distro to MILIN and then updating back to the latest version. Is there any fix for TrackMania 2? I have an AMD RX Vega 8 integrated GPU with the lowest amount of RAM dedicated to it and I use Windows 10 64bit. Update: Cranking up the iGPU's RAM to 1GB in the BIOS fixes it, however this is not an ideal solution for me. Is there any way to f
  5. The only patch on the game's wiki page is Update was only offered through the launcher which is no longer a thing, so it's basically lost media. Some minor digging led me to the existence of a patch, but I can't find it anywhere, all I know is that at some point it was offered by GameShadow (which I highly doubt works in 2021, considering the website is dead).
  6. I tried this and it didn't work. Actually, it gave me graphical corruptions ("CRT-like" corruptions). I reinstalled yet again and now the corruptions are gone, but grenades are still broken. Update: Beta Modpack final doesn't fix it either
  7. I tried the Improvement mod and snd_rebuildaudiocache, neither of which have worked. I'll try some of the other stuff and see if it makes a difference. Update: I reinstalled the game, tried the unofficial Russian 1.13 final patch, postal3win10fix (which is just a repost of the No DRM patch, hashes are identical), the thing I mentioned in my original post, Win 7 compatibility with Fullscreen optimizations disabled and the scaling set to Application, still doesn't work.
  8. I have the latest Steam version with the NoDRM thing applied, my game crashes when throwing grenades. I already tried this fix but it didn't work. I have Windows 10 x64 with an AMD CPU and GPU. Please help!
  9. I had no issues with the game before, but when I tried to play multiplayer today there were absolutely no servers and pressing "Get List" said something about not being able to contact GameSpy masterserver even tho I have the latest patch. Anyone else has this problem?
  10. I already knew about these, it's the 3DI 2.0 Home Demo that I'm after specifically. Still, thank you for sharing this.
  11. It used to be available here but the wayback machine never saved the file. If you have it please share it, as the game these days doesn't seem to have any demo at all. Edit: To clarify, I specifically mean the free demo from the wayback machine link I put here, I'm not talking about the pre-release demo from the end of 2009 which requires activation.
  12. The original release of 3D Instructor 2 (City Car Driving) is basically non-existent these days: https://web.archive.org/web/20100423165659/http://3dinstructor.ru/distrib/3di_20_home Please share the demo version if you have it, as I don't think the game has any sort of demo these days.
  13. The official site is rather vague on when the game was released. The game certainly wasn't released in 2016, and it appears to have been before 2010 (non-English versions), but the site doesn't give a proper date, only years. The game doesn't seem to have a Wikipedia page either, so any info you can give would be welcome. Thanks in advance! Update: After digging through the Wayback Machine, it appears 3D Instructor 2 (full ver. not the pre-release demo from 30.12.2009) released on the 25th of February 2010 (source). However, City Car Driving 1.2.0 / 3D Instructor 2.2.0 released on
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