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Xash3D Engine 64-Bit DLL Files (Windows Only)

About This File

These are 64-bit DLL files compiled from FWG's HLSDK-Portable Github page. These files are required for the amd64 build of the Xash3D Engine to be able to launch. They are not compiled by default unlike the 32-bit version.


These will not work for the Gold Source version of Half-Life. It is recommended to still use the 32-bit version of Xash3D for any Half-Life mods.


Latest commit as of compiling is 43710ea



1. Follow these instructions to setup Xash3D, Start at step 0. WON Version or Steam Version of Half-Life will work with it. Make sure Half-Life is up-to-date first.

 2. After Clicking "testing" in the instructions on GitHub, download "xash3d-fwgs-win32-amd64.7z " since that is what these files are for, they are not need for the I386 build (x86) and will not work in MAC or Linux builds. Extract that archive somewhere on your system.

2. Extract this archive to Xash3D's location on your system, the location where "xash3d.exe" is located.

3. Launch Xash3D.


I don't know how to compile these files for MAC or Linux, but should be noted that amd64 builds exist for those platforms also.

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