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  1. URU Complete Chronicles Beta Patch

    This is an official patch made by Cyan. Uploaded here to make it easier to find since this was only posted in a forum.
    From (Via Wayback Machine): https://web.archive.org/web/20200215003845/https://forums.cyan.com/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=1587
    As of December 29 2020, This is still newer than the gog and steam versions.
    ==Original Description==




  2. EAX fix for URU: Complete Chronicles/Ages Beyond Myst

    Note: After applying the fix, Hardware acceleration and Allow EAX effects will still be greyed out in UruSetup.exe, however those settings no longer apply as this bypasses those settings to be forced on after the game has started.
    This fix allows Hardware Acceleration and EAX to be enabled on modern systems using DSOAL, OpenAL Soft, or Creative ALchemy in URU: Complete Chronicles. Works on GOG version and should work with other versions also.
    Source: https://airtable.com/shrtTsUtiAJQ7wFGI/tblNOTdmp5nHXfFGU/viwjDPuKOjBnIQunv/rec5DHnTjpYhRzdWQ
    1. Extract files to <path to game>  and overwrite existing files.
    2. Set both files (plClientSetup.cfg and audio.ini) to read-only (right click each file --> properties --> check read-only --> click Apply and ok)
    plClientSetup.cfg forces the audio device to be Generic Hardware by adding Audio.SetDeviceName "Generic Hardware" and has Audio.UseHardware and Audio.UseEAX set to true.
    Audio.ini has Audio.UseHardware and Audio.UseEAX set to true.




  3. The Wheel of Time Official Utilities (T.H.U.M.B & ServCon)

    *Note: Password for the archive is 'pcgw'
    These are official utilities made by Legend Entertainment for The Wheel of Time. Uploaded here to make them easier to find.
    Source (Via Wayback Machine) Although no longer hosted there, still provides information about them.
    Note: These programs are old and may not support file paths with spaces like "Program Files". However, each directory has an alternative name to them which is set by Windows; It is the first 6 letters of the folder followed by ~#. for example, Program Files would be progra~1 and Program Files (x86) would be progra~2, or reinstall the game to a different directory with no spaces.
    Note 2: UI is a bit different than most installers.
    T.H.U.M.B: Ter'angreal Hand Utility Modifier and Builder - 1.1.7
    Provides a very easy way to rebind mouse and keyboard buttons and reorganize your hand of Ter'angreal. For example, air pulse can be moved into Hand 5 (Slot 5) instead of Hand 1 (Slot 1).
    This can also help with modernizing controls since it can bind Ter'angreal directly to a key without needing to select it first. For example, binding light globe to F would be equivalent to a flashlight or lantern in a modern game.
    This also provides a list of console commands with the ability to bind them. (Set bind type to "Action". Check "Advanced Commands" for more.)
    WoTServCon - 1.0
    Provides a way to create a server without needing to launch the game first. Also supports loading custom maps.
    Note: This officially bypasses the game's DRM (don't need disc 2 inserted), but only for server creation.
    Individual Downloads




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