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HL2 reUpdate - New Engine & Bugfixes, Steam Deck UI (and more) for HL2: Update (UPDATED NOV 2023)

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About This File

This is a patch for HL2: Update mod to update the game to the latest version of Source engine similar to vanilla HL2, basically this guide but are simplified, you just need to run the installer and choose the steamapps\common\HL2 Update folder and install (overwrite anything). Plus, SDL2 2.26.3 is also included.


- Vulkan is fully supported with no issues

- Gamepad UI is also supported + Community Commentary option added.

- Custom chapter backgrounds/images that matches the one from HL2 Update one.

- Along with other changes from the latest HL2 vanilla are also included aswell.


If you find some bugs aside the one from readme which i can't fix, comment it below, and beside I might be inactive so some bugs might not be fixed.

Also it's highly recommended that you don't download the older version (other than 1.0.3) on the changelogs, they are obsolete and contains lots of bugs, and nonfunctional Gamepad UI, always download latest one, 1.0.3 was the last oldest version that was recommended if you have issues with latest version (in case I release a newer version everytime Valve updated the vanilla game).

If you have any problems with downloads, try one of these mirrors:

GitHub: https://github.com/kr0tchet/HL2UpdatePlusPlus/releases

GameBanana: https://gamebanana.com/mods/429040

MEGA: (Coming soon)


Thanks to idk for making the patch based off my original tutorial, updated to 2023 version of the game by me.

What's New in Version   See changelog


Released in November 26, 2023

Added the following changes from November 17, 2023 patch:

- Fixed a hang where NPC pathfinding could stall forever
- Fixed sprinting when using an external controller

Other changes:

- Renamed patch from "HL2 Update++ to HL2: reUpdate".
- Included SDL2 2.28.5.

- Better installer for the newer patch.

If there are issues with newer version, install the older version of the patch.

User Feedback

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Since it's just an updated version of my idea (to make your guide a simple file) you can use the name of my file, it's catchier than "HL2 Update mod - Source 2022 patch (Updated 2023)", and I  deleted my old file anyway to avoid confusion.

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