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Nioh2Resolution Adds support for any resolutions to *Nioh 2: Complete Edition* on PC (UI isn't perfectly scaled).

Credit to LennardF1989 for the original Nioh 1 version.

Edit: This was proven to work on Stranger of Paradise as well (test up to version 1.21), even if it was made specifically for Nioh2, just rename your exe to Nioh2.exe and apply the patch without any extra options on it. Ignore any error that might come up. I do not own the game so I can't make a new patcher for it at the moment.

## How to use?

1) Download the latest release of Nioh2Resolution.
2) Save the content of the archive to the root of the *Nioh 2: Complete Edition* game-directory (Defaults to `C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Nioh2` for Steam installs) (you can delete it later on)
3) Run `Nioh2Resolution.exe` and follow the instructions.
4) Start the game and set the resolution to the specified one (if that is not shown in the game menu, set it in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\KoeiTecmo\NIOH2\config.xml)
5) Restart the game as there seems to be a bug that breaks the brightness (and UI scaling) if you change resolution after startup.

## How does it work?

Before doing anything, the game will be unpacked using Steamless. This is required because the Steam DRM will otherwise not allow a modified executable.

Once unpacked, the patcher will look for the byte representation of the 3440x1440 resolution, and change all occurances to your desired resolution.

Anything wider than 21:9 should work decently, especially because the FOV scaling is Horizontal+, but some UI anchoring will be wrong and some other won't be scaled correctly. Loading screens and cutscenes seem fine.
Unfortunately Nioh 2 natively has a bug where the UI drifts after certain events at any aspect ratio above 64:27 (2560x1080).
There is an EXPERIMENTAL fix that and also allow the game to have fully visible UI and not stretched at aspect ratios below 16:9, but both fixes come with consequences. They are detailed in the patch itself.

In theory, this patcher should work for any version of the game.

v5 changelog:
-Added experimental fix to fix the drifting
-Improved text and fixed some false warnings
-v4 often ended up reported as a false positive by many anti viruses. I've moved a few things around to make sure this doesn't happen anymore.

Virus scan (of v5): https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2e3aaf6cd34fe77138e8f7de7a8d5007a6a53217b75db8696d1842de203981f7/detection
Source is available anyway.

Donations: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=BFT6XUJPRL6YC

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thanks for the patch, palying at 21:9 and 32:9 and looks great, any updates for fixing the menu  when the cursor lock in select mission of black bars appear after playing online (ramdomly happen)?

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Defeating the boss of the first mission, Village of Cursed Blossoms, seems to break the mod for me on 3840x1600. Game seems to squish to 16:9 after the cutscene, even if it is skipped. Happened to me every time on all 5 difficulties on my recent playthrough. It's not a huge deal as restarting the game fixes it and no other mission in the game causes it


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Works for me with the current version (1.28.7 I think). I'm playing on 3840x1600, didn't enable the experimental UI fix, and didn't notice any UI drift during a quick Twilight Mission and inventory cleanup in the menus afterwards. However this is an existing save where I'm on the highest difficulty, skipping all cutscenes (not that there were any in the mission), etc..

Map screen was pillar boxed and worked fine, although it looked like the bottom bar which shows hotkeys on some screens is squished, but that doesn't really matter to me.


Edit: A new version was just released, 1.28.8, and the patch still works during my inital tests, on the map and a short run in the Abyss.

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Alright so I just picked this up off STEAM and for the life of me cant get it to work. I've followed the steps and if I try to launch the game from the folder it wont launch after doing the Nioh2Resolution fix. It will launch from steam but the same problem occurs and the picture blown up to where I can't see the menu options. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I just made an account so i can tell everyone that i actually found a fix for the UI anchoring and shifting with 32:9. English is not my native language so i apologies if it's scuffed.

the solution is sadly to play at 3840x1080 instead of 5120x1440. before you run Nioh2Resolution, set you monitor at 3840x1080 and run the fix. select option 3 which is 3440x1440 and set the width to 3840 and height to 1080. it will ask you to apply a ui fix etc.. pick no. now you can change your monitor resolution back to your native and enjoy Nioh 2 without the UI issues and also they are at the far edges of the screen even though i prefer to be at the center but it's so much better than seeing the UI get shifted each time you die or finishing the quests. 



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