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as you can see, in daw of war ii retribution, the fixbox width dont scale and it put itself further down, making it look like this. afaik, scaling was fixed during server migration and for other articles i checked works fine

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Removing width: 100% seems to help


Though it won't be properly resized on the UT2003 page otherwise

min-width has to be set over 1000px to even work

Setting the width: 100% to the table class does not help at all


Some margins might be screwing things up, currently fix boxes are defined as px and not ems 

Flex boxes might help?


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I would like all Fixboxes to have the same max-width but to scale downwards gracefully if there is an image floating on the right. Currently not sure what the most elegant want to do this is, so if someone can atempt something in a Sandbox and show me (or a mod) then I'd be happy for it to be implemented.

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