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  1. I got reply from them about HD textures. It says it improves textures on liveries. You can really notice it on those that have fine details or lettering.
  2. for HD texture pack, did you try to disable it and then looking at other texture settings?
  3. as you can see, in daw of war ii retribution, the fixbox width dont scale and it put itself further down, making it look like this. afaik, scaling was fixed during server migration and for other articles i checked works fine
  4. thanks Garrett! I tried it on bf4 for test how it would look like. I wasnt sure where to put it soI shove it video settings for now http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Battlefield_4#Video_settings
  5. It would be good to know if some games have different api available, either in options menu or hidden somewhere so it has to be forced. this information will probably not usefull in most games, since they use only 1 api, either dx9 or dx11 these days, but a lot of games use 2 or more dx api or even opengl and few of them mantle
  6. Slovak is a real language but there is not really many games that have Slovak language in it. Even if they had, its not really relevant since most Slovakians use Czech or English language in games.
  7. and thats why I requested it. that list is wrong/outdated. There is a lot of games that use GFWL and are not available in some eu countries and then there are GFWL games that are available everywhere. I know of no site that have up to date list of region restricted games in certain countries. steamdb have something similar but that is more like a note to steamapp, rather than separate list
  8. It would be very helpful for user to know which games are restricted in specific countries on steam. I don't mean CIS and ROW games, more like games affected by 3rd party DRM like GFWL, publisher decision or even something as strange as auto-locked in Japan unless dev/pub manually set it as available in Japan.
  9. I tried to enable console same way is it is described here on Borderlands 2 but it didnt work
  10. but I remember using fraps on star swarm and people were benchmarking bf4 mantle performance, so there must be something else I am missing
  11. I installed the new driver and checked the mantle option in launcher but now I cant monitor fps with neither fraps nor rivatuner
  12. am I the only who get different results in benchmark than actual game? I get max 40 fps in benchmark while in game I have 60-70 fps, sometime I get drop to 50 but thats still more than what benchmark say, this happened to me with two drivers, did dry other drivers. catalyst 14.1beta and 14.2beta
  13. PomstaZLesa

    NFSr screenshots

    need for speed rivals various settings
  14. also, if anybody have assassins creed III on steam and is in steam beta family sharing, contact me
  15. PSA: dont share your games that easily, if game use 3rd party DRM with additional cd keys, your partner will see those cd keys...of course, they dont work so easily[tested splinter sell conviction uplay DRM]
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