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Splinter Cell BlackList article: Rinput is supposed to remove negative mouse acceleration. I tested it many times, and can not make it work, are you sure this info is accurate?


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For this article: Splinter_Cell:_Blacklist Negative_Mouse_Acceleration

I'm testing this using Windows 10 64bits and Splinter Cell BlackList using Steam/Uplay.

I can indeed see the console window from Rinput pop up and say it does attach to the process, but, it does not actually remove the negative mouse acceleration it's still there as soon as you move you mouse faster and is quite obvious. Can any else confirm it doesn't work or work?

It's really sad, cause this is a very fine game that is plagued since day one by negative mouse accel and no fix has never been found.

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RAW input doesn't automatically mean that it gets rid of negative acceleration. 

If you properly injected the tool, and the console disappeared after game launch, nothing more should be done.

Section title rewritten.

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I can confirm the tool was injected this is my log, and this was using not only the latest version, but also other Github forks, and best result was this:

    RInput injector (v1.31 sequential edition)
    Note: This version has not be tested on your kernel version.
    Retrieving "Blacklist_game.exe" process id.
    Process found (PID: 5524).
    Injecting RInput.dll into remote process...
    Succesfully injected library into process (0x23ac0000).
    Event triggered; the remote thread has been successfully initialized.
    Closing console in: 6s

My point is that RInput does, as a result nothing to fix Negative Mouse Acceleration in this game, unfortunately, so i'm not sure why it's recommended to install it in the Input section of the game, as it does give people false hope that it will fix negative mouse acceleration:

    Mouse Acceleration: Negative Mouse Acceleration. Use RInput.

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