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  1. Did you update to the latest drivers and are you using the latest DmC patches? It might not be overheating after all and could just be a driver issue better check the nVidia forums also to double your chances in finding a proper solution.
  2. The game is mediocre and poorly optimized as it is a straight console conversion.
  3. Anyways the game is a horrendous mess and aside from Far Cry 3 which was already based on a well optimized engine Ubisoft has let itself go completely and is probably competing with EA for Worst Port Of The Year awards however it should end with a tie for Ubisoft cause guess what's coming next.....(drum roll).......ASSASSIN'S CREED IV on PC!!!!
  4. Dude you are a hero just for forcing yourself to play this game on such low specs.
  5. The game is pretty well optimized however, ambient occlusion especially on ultra settings is very taxing but other than that the game is awesome and runs as smooth as silk.
  6. Great work on the report, accurate and detailed as usual however it would help if you could test the games a few more graphic cards that scale down to medium specs. That said the game runs much better than SR3 with pretty decent framerates in the open and a solid 60 in-doors.
  7. Great work on the report, very accurate and honestly the game runs almost perfectly with max settings on my rig except for the part where you arrive outside of the meat factory there is a sudden drop of 4 or 5 fps but all is fine.
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