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Proposal: Show support for Steam Family Sharing


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I was thinking more along the lines of using the Store feature template as like how it is currently used to denote a game being part of Xbox game pass/play anywhere and be put inside the availability notes table. 

Not that I disagree with the idea of putting it in it's own table as it would also give more merit as it would solve both proposals, but I happened to come across an old proposal form 2019 for the inclusion of a property for Xbox game pass/play anywhere, and it too had an idea for its own table made by @Aemony, that I assume was never used. Due to the similarities between the two (or three) ideas I would call into question the need for a seperate table, though maybe it could also be seen as an opportunity to finally use it?

I've also discussed on Discord how there is the potential for this to be automated using a bot, as SteamDB has the game property "exfgls" to denote if a game is excluded from family game library sharing or not. Though it would still need to be decided how to display this first.

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3 hours ago, Andytizer said:

Yes this is a good idea, we should wikify this list of games.

In terms of template position, perhaps it could fit in a new 'platform features' with 'achievements' section as proposed here?

Platform features could work for this, the only potential issue I see is that family sharing is only available on Steam (I don't believe any other platform has an equivalent) so the check would only ever appear next to Steam, and every other platform would always show the X. If that's no issue, then platform features does seems like the perfect place to display this.

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