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  1. Rage 2 runs fine on quad-core CPUs, unless it's a Core 2 Quad or it's an I3 with only 2 physical cores, if it's the case there's a tutorial on the PCGW page of the game to workaround both these issues
  2. A 1st party exclusive game is all normal, you can't get Mario on PC since it publisher released it to sell his hardware, on the other hand 3rd party exclusive are something really rare nowadays, but it was something usual in the 2000s, a lot of devs just don't know how to do proper ports and the PC platform wasn't that big of a seller for certain genres that only gained popularity on PC in the past decade (Fighting, Beat'em ups, J-RPGs...) Also in the second half of the 2000s, PC physical market took a big hit and the digital market wasn't popular enough, not yet, so a lot of publishers s
  3. The latest version works like a charm, thank you very much Suicide Machine
  4. Then try to deleting them one by one and launching the game, if you get an error that means you deleted the wrong folder, so all you have to do is to restore it and try another one
  5. Go to the game's directory then open "Update/x64/dlcpacks" There are folders starting with "mp", these are mp DLCs, best thing is to know which pack was released after 1.27 then you should delete these files without any risk. Or you could just get an old build on the high seas, the MP is not available on an outdated build anyway so just get the RLD version and voila
  6. Yes it has the Bin32 folder, but keep in mind that i got the game on GOG in the week of release, maybe newer copies dont have the 32 bits binaries
  7. I bought Crysis Warhead on GOG a couple of years ago and it was packed with the x64 binaries, i used x64 by default for years but i've heard from some modders that the 32 bits exe was way more stable for both Crysis and Warhead and the only difference being the texture streaming turned on by default (you have to manually set it to 0) Everything worked fine on 32 bits Crysis but then i tried Warhead and i was shocked to see that the chicken DRM is still here on "non-DRM" GOG version, enemies and bullets fired will turn into chicken and the sound will simply go off, this is a famous anti-p
  8. You can disable it in the advanced graphic settings since the second update
  9. Hi guys, i'm not that good for editing Wiki pages, so i'm here to submit a 60 fps patch (through HEX editing the exe) for the indy game Skydrift (the game shows the same fps amount as the refresh rate but runs at 30 internally) i tested it myself and it works well at 60hz, note that highers framerates will introduce speed-up issues, so if you own a 120hz+ monitor you have to cap your framerate to 60, here's the link if someone can add it to the Wiki page of the game. http://www.emuline.org/topic/1759-skydrift-patch-for-60-hz-60-fps/
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