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Dreadful Despair! This game lacks article on the wiki!


As I am sure many of you know, back in ye olde 90's, Psygnosis was the shizzlick for futuristic Sci-fi games.

That stylish owl was on so many covers that you just knew, oh yeah, this will be a quality product!


Lander was developed and published by Psygnosis, released in 1999 to bad reviews by critics but praise from fans.

It's a game where you play a Mercenary Lander pilot, looking to make the big break. Throughout the game as you earn the fat duckets, you upgrade your Lander, or buy a new Lander, purchase ammo, fuel and whatnot before embarking on the next mission. It is a very enjoyable and pretty game albeit slightly frustrating until you get the hang of the controls better.


Now onto the fix.


I recently got the urge to backup a few of my old games from disc to data format and after I did that, I proceeded to Install Lander, curious if I could get it to run on my system ( Windows 7, 32 bit ). Trying to start the game without anything done caused the landergldr to crash at the title screen ( 3DFX ). Disabled Visual themes, still crashed. Set the game to Windows 95, and now it ran ( or did it start running after I disabled aero.. ) but all the font in the game was minuscule, barely readable and some of it would get stuck on the screen. At this point I gave up on the gldr and experimented with lndrd3dr instead. I set it to WIndows 98 Compatibility and it started just fine, and ran fine as well.


However, no matter what I tried to do with the sound, it would not play any sound whatsoever.

So now, I googled it, and I found a very very easy solution over at Neoseeker Forums.


To quote;

" Then go into advanced and switch your Positional and Non-positional settings to both software, while increasing their volumes (located at the bottom right of the advanced menu) and adjust to your preferences. Quit the game. "


And that fixed my sound problem.


For further reading regarding Lander;

Wikipedia Lander


( PS. Writing the Article of Lander by myself looked like a terrifying aspect. Hence why I posted it here!


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Hi and welcome! 

Creating article from scratch can seem pretty spoopy thing to do, so I have created article for the game with all the information available publicly and in this topic: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Lander 

Feel free to fill in more info if you own the game. 


You can try creating articles in the future if you like, there are always someone willing to fix things for you if you happen to do make mistakes. Easiest way to start is simply copy cheat sheet from sample article that is available in link at the left panel and then just modify the infro from filler to correct one. 

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Great, thanks so much for the audio solution. I grew up playing Lander and recently got into it again but didn't get any sound apart from in the cutscenes. It works now though, mostly (it can only seem to play 1 or 2 sound effects at a time, and the others cut out). This game is beast it should be way popular!! Cant believe it got bad reviews. People don't like a challenge? This is one of the best games I've ever owned.

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