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Found 2 results

  1. Version public beta


    The last known revision of former Pandemic Studio employees Nathan Mates and Ken Miller's unofficial 1.3 patch for Battlezone II: Combat Commander before download links were pulled in March 2018. Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20180126011036/http://matesfamily.org/bz2/
  2. Dreadful Despair! This game lacks article on the wiki! As I am sure many of you know, back in ye olde 90's, Psygnosis was the shizzlick for futuristic Sci-fi games. That stylish owl was on so many covers that you just knew, oh yeah, this will be a quality product! Lander was developed and published by Psygnosis, released in 1999 to bad reviews by critics but praise from fans. It's a game where you play a Mercenary Lander pilot, looking to make the big break. Throughout the game as you earn the fat duckets, you upgrade your Lander, or buy a new Lander, purchase ammo, fuel and whatnot before embarking on the next mission. It is a very enjoyable and pretty game albeit slightly frustrating until you get the hang of the controls better. Now onto the fix. I recently got the urge to backup a few of my old games from disc to data format and after I did that, I proceeded to Install Lander, curious if I could get it to run on my system ( Windows 7, 32 bit ). Trying to start the game without anything done caused the landergldr to crash at the title screen ( 3DFX ). Disabled Visual themes, still crashed. Set the game to Windows 95, and now it ran ( or did it start running after I disabled aero.. ) but all the font in the game was minuscule, barely readable and some of it would get stuck on the screen. At this point I gave up on the gldr and experimented with lndrd3dr instead. I set it to WIndows 98 Compatibility and it started just fine, and ran fine as well. However, no matter what I tried to do with the sound, it would not play any sound whatsoever. So now, I googled it, and I found a very very easy solution over at Neoseeker Forums. To quote; " Then go into advanced and switch your Positional and Non-positional settings to both software, while increasing their volumes (located at the bottom right of the advanced menu) and adjust to your preferences. Quit the game. " And that fixed my sound problem. For further reading regarding Lander; Wikipedia Lander ( PS. Writing the Article of Lander by myself looked like a terrifying aspect. Hence why I posted it here! )
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