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The Max Payne 3 - FOV Fix allows changing the base FOV (field of view) of Max Payne 3 without breaking cutscenes or bullet/kill cams.

Download Sources:

Quick Start Guide:

  1. Extract all files to the game’s installation folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Max Payne 3\Max Payne 3\").
  2. Start the MaxPayne3FovFixGUI.exe to configure the mod (might require .NET runtime 3.1.0).
  3. Start the game as usual (e.g. through Steam).


  • Set base FOV for aiming and looking around
  • Preserves native FOV scaling of the game
  • Does not break cutscenes or bullet/kill cams
  • Simple to install, use and configure

Supported Versions

This mod is designed for the latest version of the game and might not be compatible with older or modified executables!

  • Steam

What's New in Version v1.1.0   See changelog


  • Added support for renaming DLL file to increase compatibility with other mods (see readme for details)

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Oh that's nice, coincidentally I downloaded this game (once again) just yesterday! Any chance you could look into other aspects of the game, like making a proper "skip cutscenes" mod (that doesn't break in-game stuff depending on how early you skip, like the one that's available) and a mod to remove the inconvenient "skip" buttom prompt that randomly shows up while certain cutscenes are playing and just won't go away?

By the way, visiting your profile just made me realize you're the author of many relevant or even essential fixes for different games, such as the NieR: Automata Input Overhaul Mod, the Metro and Dead Space mouse fixes and the id5 Tweaker. That's impressive, thank you for your work!

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Thank you for the acknowledgment. Glad to read that you like my work.

Regarding the cutscene skip: Since the cutscenes are intertwined with the loading process, it seems to not be something that is simple to fix, as it would require a decent amount of reverse engineering of how loading is done. I thought about looking into the problem more deeply during my last playthrough, but I am unfortunately preoccupied with multiple other things right now.

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