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L.A. Noire Unlocker is an ASI plugin/mod that provides several fixes for the game:

  • Unlock the frame rate to 60 FPS
  • Remove black bars at 4:3, 5:4, or 16:10
  • Remove intro logos
  • Unlock exclusive DLC outfits
  • Early access to detective outfits

Simply extract dinput8.dll and scripts\ to the game folder, and edit Unlocker.ini to toggle the fixes.

Originally posted on ZenHAX.

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Hello, allow me one question: How to: ..edit Unlocker.ini to toggle the fixes??

I changed 0 to 1 in some line but nothing changes (60 fps oder intro).

Could you explaine it a little bit more? Is it possible to play in 21:9? Flawless didn´t work. Maybe wrong gameversion...

Edit: it seemes my Virusscanner has deleted Unlocker.boot??! Maybe this??

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This mod is partially compatible with the latest Rockstar launcher version.

Outfits and intro skip work ok, but framerate is locked to 30 fps.

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