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  1. Deventer11

    L.A. Noire Unlocker

    Hello, allow me one question: How to: ..edit Unlocker.ini to toggle the fixes?? I changed 0 to 1 in some line but nothing changes (60 fps oder intro). Could you explaine it a little bit more? Is it possible to play in 21:9? Flawless didn´t work. Maybe wrong gameversion... Edit: it seemes my Virusscanner has deleted Unlocker.boot??! Maybe this??
  2. Hi Rose need your hand to help with Devil´s Hunt! Would you please be so kind? I cant do it to make a new topic in wsgf. s.t. changed. ... 

    I think you see the problem in my added pic. ... 21:9 Black bar. I do not now how do I do a new topic to this forum.

    Please help and send me a sign.

    Devilshuntunreal Screenshot 2019.09.17 -

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    2. Deventer11
    3. Rose


      Thanks. It doesn't seem to be packed, so use my just released patcher

    4. Deventer11


      Think it works (you are great). Top!!!!👍

      Devilshuntunreal Screenshot 2019.09.18 -

  3. Deventer11

    Blair Witch ultrawide & double monitor mod

    Hi Rose, I very very appreciate your work (again). Please go on and drink a cup of coffee!