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Revolution (2002) will not install

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I found this game Revolution from 2002 from Activision Value and Fun Labs.  When I attempt to install it on Windows 10, the setup file seems to run in the background, but doesn't actually lead to an installation.  There is a launcher.exe file which pulls up gui and you can choose "setup" from there, but again, the setup file just runs in the background.

I've attempted to launch both files with compatibility turned off, set to windows 95, windows 98 and XP.  I've attempted to disable fullscreen optimizations and in reduced color mode with also running it as administrator on Windows 10, but it will not work.

If anyone can offer insight on how I can make this happen, I would greatly appreciate it.cap1.thumb.png.61babb5e85616c0fe1a167f8937ffc32.png


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28 minutes ago, Suicide machine said:

Sorry, don't know what to tell you - installer runs fine on my Windows 10 installation (no compatibility enabled or anything like this).

Well I found the issue.  I found a post on reddit that talked about right clicking the setup file in task manager on the details tab and selecting "analyze wait chain" and when I did that, it showed an instance of nvcontainer.exe was blocking it.  So I ended that process and boom, setup worked fine. 

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