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Interview questions for Gamesplanet


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We have a partnership with Gamesplanet at the moment and thought it would be fun to conduct an interview with Gamesplanet. This is an opportunity to help give the wider PC gaming community a better understanding of how a third party game reseller works and to ask some interesting questions. It's also a chance to educate people on what makes Gamesplanet different from the grey market like G2A, CDKeys, Kinguin, etc.

I'd like to ask community members to pitch questions and we'll collate the best ones to ask Gamesplanet.

Here are a couple of mine. They could also be reworded, these are just off the top of my head!

What's the main reason that a pubisher/developer decides to sell through Gamesplanet rather than directly through a store like Steam
Why do some publishers sell keys to some resellers rather than others?
Do platforms like Steam make it easy to disable game keys purchased with fraudulent credit card transactions?

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One question which comes to mind is how they handle being looked upon as the same as sites like G2A when, in fact, they aren't. My initial phrasing goes like this: How do you handle the 'shadow' cast by so-called grey-market sellers?

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A few other couples:

  • Does it happen that resellers can't obtain keys 'directly' from the main publishing corporation, and instead needs to go through some form of other regional representative publishing company? If so, can this have any repercussions on the availability of the title through resellers pre- or post-release date?
  • How have the reseller space changed for Gamesplanet over the last 15 years?
    • This ties slightly into Expack3's grey-market question as well, in how those kinds of sites have impacted "authorized" resellers such as Gamesplanet.
  • Does competition between resellers occurs, and if so, in which form does this take? Is there such a thing as a "pre-release exclusive reseller" or similar that can prevent the availability of a certain title at a certain reseller before the release date of the game have passed?
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