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Improving the wiki page concerning Anti-Aliasing

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That's exactly why we separate AA into pre processing and post processing methods

You can use postprocess-AA AND not have blurred/affected UI elements. As Expack3 above pointed out you can do that with GeDoSaTo in some games because you can select in which 'pass' the AA is applied, thereby completely ignoring the HUD elements. It all depends on the way the rendering pipeline is set for a game I suppose.

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Supersampling (SSAA, or OGSSAA if you like the nvidia name) and downsampling are not exactly the same thing: merging what I could find here and here we could say the first is an actual AA method, transparent to the game where every pixel is sampled more than once before being displayed. But the game is not actually aware of the thing


The later instead technically fake your resolution and the game will actually have to recognize the new one (thus games that don't support 4k resolution wouldn't possibly work with 4x 1080p downsampling)

The results should be the same eventually


Besides, I believe this could be the bible of AA

Other goodies are some old GeDoSaTo ance stors and a nice coverage of ATi box, narrow, wide, edge detect methods (which I have always been accustomed to see in the CCC)


Aand.. do you know if all these methods work even on pre-unified-shader cards? Because I gather that custom AA methods were just an innovation of DX 10 times


Last but not least: is AMD and NVIDIA still producing different looking images?? This is pretty lame imo, and would make every benchmark pointless

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