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  1. Thanks a lot for your answer Mirh. You mentioned both Alcohol 120% and DAEMON Tools Lite, are they complementary (one to create the iso, the other to mount it?) or should I try both to have more chance of success? Is Alcohol 120% any better than Alcohol 52% for this purpose? Also how can I know if one game will be problematic or not? I want to get NBA 2k11 and it's much cheaper on DVD than digital but I'm really done with flipping discs over to play my games.
  2. Hi guys, This weekend I decided to play some old school game I have lying around and I forgot how annoying it is to swap CD/DVDs. After changing back and forth, I tried to make ISOs of those discs but either they are protected (eg: Crimson Skies) or some sort of DRM is forbidding me to use the created ISOs (eg: PES6). Does anyone have a proper way around this?
  3. Not necessarily ranking them but giving guidelines for the newcomers could be really useful I think when you see the number of misinformations concerning AA on the web.
  4. Hi guys, I don't have much knowledge (just starting to learn about it) so I don't really feel comfortable with adding infos on the wiki page but after having talked about it with Mirh, it clear that AA is a big thing and the wiki page here is not up to date neither complete. To quote Mirh: First of all we should distinguish between post processing AA (which blur image) and proper AA. Then, FXAA and MLAA should be somewhat penalized in favor of SMAA... and so on. Here you can find some nice resources I collected on the subject if you want to participate and use it in combination with
  5. Thanks for this info Mirh. Is there any problem involved with downgrading GTA IV to if you also want to play EFLC? P.S.: Just checked your link for iCEnhancer and they have a "EFLC only" mod too but that doesn't really answer the question...
  6. Thanks Mirh for your answer. Concerning the links to the major modding forums, it's clearly a great help. Not always easy to find your way through them but hey you're not our babysitters neither! ;-) Concerning the Misery Mod, it's already on the Stalker PCGamingWiki page, I was just taking it as an example I agree at 200% with you on that: To conclude this OT (sorry for that, my bad), I'd be really glad to add the best mods I will find to PCGamingWiki. I didn't find yet how to propose such modification or create a discussion on the wiki about it but I'm going to check it out s
  7. Ok forget about it! :) Quick side-question: I loved the part of the wiki called "selected mods" for Oblivion. It's really nice when you don't know the game, don't want to modify it too much or break the game but still want some nice improvement. And I find it in general really difficult to find good and up-to-date infos about mods. Especially if you're searching for mods which improve the graphics while keeping the original atmosphere (but also for well-done complete-changer ones like Stalker Misery for example). A good example is GTA 3/VC/SA, those games clearly need some mods t
  8. I didn't tried it myself (I don't have the game), I was just reading about it being kind of an attempt to get as close as possible to the E3 preview which was really impressive from what I remember. I agree with you Mirh on the overhype around ENBseries and sweetFX and didn't realize it was using it, sorry.
  9. I'm not sure if it's the right place to talk about it, but I discovered a graphic mod for GTA IV that seems pretty nice and clean but more important that do not need to downgrade your game making it compatible with 1.0.7 & & EFLC: It's called ChinaGreenElvis (http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/chinagreenelvis-enb-for-1070-and-eflc-f11205).
  10. I don't know if it fits here (sorry if not), but the Lunayahs Enhanced Mod (http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=390558) for Watch Dogs seems to combine the best of the different mods existing (including TheWorseMod).
  11. Thank you for your answer Nicereddy, I understand your point and have to admit that it makes sense. :-)
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