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Found 15 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This was primarily made for the Pre-25th Anniversary version of Half-Life on Steam since that version had absolutely no video playback at all. Now that the Anniversary update has come along restoring the logo video playback, it made restoring the other logos difficult since it involved replacing two files, making sure the audio is synced, having worse audio quality, and all audio files must be mixed into one file. These are scripts that basically have the videos play with FFplay (FFmpeg but as a media player) instead and then launch the specified game, this way the videos are played externally and are no longer tied to the limits of the Gold Source Engine. FFplay was chosen due to it's portability, compatibility, and it best emulates the original way the videos played in the WON versions. Windows version of FFplay is provided in this download for convenience with the license and readme files, those files only apply to ffplay.exe. I take no credit for anything except the vbs, bat, and ps1 files. Before Installing: The zip files contain VBS, BAT, and PS1 files for the sake of OS compatibility. You choose which ones to use as you do not need all of them extracted, they all do the exact same thing just in a different way. Their code can be reviewed by opening them in any text editor. BAT files are the most compatible and the fastest, use the VBS files to run the BAT without a console window (VBS and BAT files must stay together). PS1 files use Powershell and are more modern. You may need to allow your system to run the files, they are a little slower than BAT files. The version of FFplay provided will run on Windows 7 to modern Windows. Therefore, at least Windows 7 is required. Installation: Choose which zip file to download. Steam or WON. The script file names start with "LWM", this stands for "Launch With Movies". The two letters afterward represent the name of the games. "HL" = "Half-Life", "BS" = "Blue Shift", and "OF" = "Opposing Force". Steam: The scripts will launch the game using steam itself via it's Browser Protocol and not the hl.exe file directly, so any configurations and/or arguments made in steam should still work like normal as it is the equivalent as clicking the "PLAY" button in Steam. 1. Extract the "Steam Versions.zip" file into the main installation directory. This will also add the missing logo files from the WON version of the games and utilize the already existing valve.webm file. 2. Open Steam and right click on Half-Life and click "properties". Add -novid to the launch options. Do this for Blue Shift and Opposing Force Also. 3. Run the script for the game you wish to play, it must be used every time to launch the game with logo playback. WON: Since the media files are already there and play just fine in this version, this is technically not needed. But, this still eliminates the video limits of the Gold Source Engine, providing the possibility of higher quality videos. These scripts already include the -nosierra argument to prevent the videos from playing twice. If there are any other arguments you want to use, open the script files in a text editor, look for -nosierra, and add the arguments the same way you enter them in Steam, a space after each one. 1. For Half-Life and Opposing Force, extract the contents of the "Half-Life + Opposing Force" folder (not the folder itself) within the zip file into the main installation directory for Half-Life (where hl.exe is located). For Blue Shift, extract the contents of the "Blue Shift" folder (not the folder itself) within the zip file in the main installation directory for Blue Shift (where bshift.exe is located) 2. Run the script for the game you wish to play.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a replacement 0.1 second video for Halo Infinite; use it to "skip" the intro video. If you prefer, you may also generate this video yourself, using the following ffmpeg command: ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=color=black:size=3840x2160 -t 0.1 intro.mp4
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Blank intro video files for Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition. Extract into the installation folder, replacing the existing file when prompted.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    In Martian Gothic: Unification, the ending video (<path-to-game>\data\outro.bik) can be corrupted. The other videos aren't. If it is, when it should play the game crash. The used game installation was fully updated with all the available patches. Can be tested if it's corrupted using the last RAD Video Tools/Bink and Smacker (Actually Bink 2021.3/Smacker 4.2e) and trying to playing it. If its corrupted it should play with big greens and blues squares as the screenshot. Also MPC-HC doesn't play the video (only the audio) but VLC plays it normally. It seems it's about of using a different encoding than the others videos, which doesn't match the binkw32.dll bundled with the game. The game seems to be using Bink compatible with RAD Video Tools 1.0e (which is the one available when this game was launched), and the video is created with 0.8 or below, or a higher version. So the attached video is the same video reencoded with Rad Video Tools 1.0e. To fix the video, change the original file in <path-to-game>\data\outro.bik with this one. No need to point it out, but this is the ending and it has spoilers, although not the big ones.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Fixes video playback for Man of Medan. Installation : 1. Extract to the Root of the game directory eg. X:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan 2. Run Apply_Patch.bat and wait until it finishes 3. Confirm with any button 4. Enjoy
  6. Confirmed to be coming out on PC (Windows 10).
  7. I just watched this properly and I think it is impressive how well Repawn has graphically presented the Star Wars look and feel. However the overall gameplay looks incredibly generic and boring, especially when we know what a studio like Respawn is capable of. The enemy AI for the Stormtroopers looks braindead and the fights look boring. And there’s too much platforming/traversing in this demo that isn’t interesting. One of the first proper PC games I played online was Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, and I’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia but it feels like later games on that series had more interesting lightsaber action and fighting and certainly this game looks dull in comparison.
  8. 1,582 downloads

    http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Rayman_Origins Higher quality video files ripped from PS3 version of the game and converted to bink format to use with the PC version. Sample.bik and Intro.bik videos have higher frame rate of 59.94 FPS. Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!BAgliayZ!w1msYYdGrdwebcSNIbd0LQ2OxXFYNSa28Tr-wPKc-04 MD5: 60AA9C1BA282E53CF693FC80E772CAB0
  9. 5,667 downloads

    Original source: FilePlanet This is the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords High Quality Movies Patch. An officially released patch, it provides upscaled replacements of the in-game cutscenes. Note that this patch is not required for the Steam or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Collection 2 DVD versions of the game. Also, the upscaled content can only be viewed on resolution greater than or equal to 1600x1200. Otherwise, it will default to 640x480.
  10. Version 1


    Disables intro videos.
  11. 9,038 downloads

    Extract the files to the same folder as BGE.exe and edit the included .ini file to achieve your desired resolution. Don't forget to set the game's resolution to the same values as you did in the .ini, failing to do so will result in resolution glitches in most cases.
  12. Other Places is a set of amazing videos of game locations with terrific production values and great use of music. These striking and hauntingly beautiful videos produced by @ultrabrilliant, a British games journalist. Obviously created on PC, most likely using various tools to hide the interface and clip through the world to find the most interesting and evocative shots. I wonder what the general techniques are for this kind of video capture? Here's a sample: Click here to view the article
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