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  1. Hey as the one that covered it and literally found out myself an hour ago. Make sure there is two spaces after Little Hope in your WindowName. Process_WindowName = "Little Hope " The Wiki unfortunately does auto edit my two spaces into a single space and i don't know why yet. So for now here you go : )
  2. i agree with Aemony here. Stuff that is on Disc/about to be released at a future time on the disk or not should not be included imo. (Outfits, Weapons, other cosmetic stuff, Future upcoming DLC (Whole new Levels, Maps, Singleplayer DLC and content)) Stuff that is just not officially unlocked due to licensing like in FF XIII-2 or Lightning Returns (Couple Outfits missing due to licensing) i am fine with including these since they would never get released or are planned to. In the case of Man of Medan i am torn between both due to the Curators cut being on disk and already being downloaded aswell just needing the DLC on Steam with no additional download does unlock it and was in this case preorder only. That one is hard for me since it's supposed to be a free dlc later this year anyways and also is technicly the way a second playthrough should be played as. So it's kind of a game by game basis or simply not allowing it at all. Allowing it for all of them would be clearly wrong imo and not just hurt the reputation of the site but also make us not any better than other shady websites unlocking DLC and paid content in their pirated games.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Fixes video playback for Man of Medan. Installation : 1. Extract to the Root of the game directory eg. X:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan 2. Run Apply_Patch.bat and wait until it finishes 3. Confirm with any button 4. Enjoy
  4. Alot of recent Denuvo Games are not cracked tho. Heavy Rain and Beyond only run because Quantic included Denuvo into the Demo which was obviously super smart
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