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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1.2


    Music Wrapper v1.2 for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and Mysteries of the Sith (1997-98) by LucasArts This package bundles the best wrappers and known fixes to help get music working in both games. For reference, both games used CD Audio for their music tracks. The modern, CD-less solution, used by resellers like GOG and Steam, is to rip the tracks to .ogg files and then supply a wrapper (a special .dll file) to translate the game's calls to play the CD tracks into calls to play the .ogg files from the hard drive, instead. Unfortunately, with newer builds of Windows that haven't been tested with the games' installed compatibility settings, that wrapper can stop working and the result is a loss of music. This is primarily for the GOG and Steam releases of these games, since its their compatibility settings that interfere with the wrapper. You can, however, also use these instructions to get music working from the hard drive in the retail release. Install: Copy the five .dll files to your game folder, overwriting any that are already there. If you still don't have music, perform the following steps, preferably checking music after each one: * Verify that you have a subfolder named Music with track files named Track12[-32].ogg (JK) or Track02[-14].ogg (MotS). If you don't (or you'd like higher quality versions): * For JK, follow the directions at https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Jedi_Knight_%E2%80%93_Dark_Forces_II#Higher_quality_music * For MotS, follow the directions at https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Jedi_Knight_%E2%80%93_Mysteries_of_the_Sith#Higher_quality_music * Rename JK.exe (JK) or JKM.exe (MotS) to something else (ex. JediKnight.exe). This will disassociate the executable from installed compatibility settings that can interfere with music playback. * Double-click on the provided .reg file. This will remove the compatibility settings from the registry. * Delete/rename winmm.dll and rename winmm_alternate.dll to winmm.dll. See below for the differences between the two version. Wrappers: * Winmm.dll is Tarvis' fixed wrapper for Windows 10, dated Oct 25, 2015. Credit belongs to Tarvis. His changelog: -Game not starting on Windows 10 -Each level plays a track further than it should have -Music playlist would not restart unless player stands still a few seconds/ enters then leaves esc menu -Music volume would not change -Music took about half a second to stop when going back to main menu/starting a cutscene Source: https://www.gog.com/forum/star_wars_dark_forces_series/jk_updated_cd_music_player_dll_fix_volume_looping_etc/page1 * Winmm_alternate.dll is GOG's wrapper, dated July 15, 2015. Credit belongs to GOG. Unlike Tarvis' version, this one works with the German language pack (and, maybe, other non-English versions of the game or mods). It's possible that it's generally more compatible than Tarvis' version, but doesn't have most of the fixes. One reported issue is that the music stops playing once it's gone through all of the tracks (i.e. it won't loop back to the first track played). For that reason, it's not the default wrapper in this pack, but you may have to live with issues like that if you get no music at all with Tarvis' version.
  2. 205 downloads

    SimCity 3000 Unlimited: Re-composed is an unofficial patch for SimCity 3000 Unlimited, which fixes specific for the Unlimited edition bug, where game doesn't play music, which was included in the original release of SimCity 3000, even if it's listed in the game's files. This patch restores the following songs: "SIM Broadway" "Concrete Jungle" "City of Dreams" "SimCity 2000 Theme" Installation: Just extract "Apps" folder from the archive to the game's main folder.
  3. Version 1.0


    The freeware release of X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse is missing the music from the original CD release. As such, the music is provided here in formats supported by most source ports. Source: https://www.quaddicted.com/files/music/xmen_music_flac.zip. Renamed and reorganized to work correctly with QuakeSpasm. OGG version recommended for use with source ports to minimize file size while maintaining quality. Use WAV version if burning CD or converting to another format.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Backup of SierraHelp's KQ4 patch
  5. Version 1.0.0


    The soundtrack from the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, converted for use in the GOG release of the Windows 3.1 version. Also included is an optional replacement for the elevator audio, also taken from the Mega Drive version. Mod by geekgamer on GOG. Soundtrack conversion by Project 2612.
  6. Version 1.1


    Repeating Music Patch v1.1 for The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel (1992, DOS) Background: The game ordinarily plays most pieces of music only once per location. After each one finishes, no more music plays until you leave the location. Because most of the pieces are about only a minute long, the gamer is liable to end up playing much of the game in silence. When Mythos Software ported the game to the 3DO a few years later, they made the music repeat, but never patched the DOS version. Description: This patch makes the music repeat after it finishes, like in the 3DO version. Four variations are provided: * Repeat - Play the music again immediately after it finishes. This is like the 3DO version. * Repeat after 20s - Play the music again after 20 seconds. * Repeat after 40s - Play the music again after 40 seconds. * Repeat after 60s - Play the music again after 60 seconds. While the first option is probably what most users want, the last three are provided just in case some people get a little tired of hearing the same music again so soon. They'll give your ears a little break, if you find that preferable. Instructions: Copy MUSIC.LIB from one of the folders to your game folder, overwriting the one there. You'll probably want to try the one in the "Repeat" folder first. If you find the repetition a little tiring, try one of the other variations. If you want to turn repetition off, the unpatched MUSIC.LIB is in the "Original (no repeating)" folder. Notes: * 15 of the 49 music pieces have not been touched because they either belong to cutscenes or were designed to repeat immediately. * The map music and a few others have been made to always repeat immediately. In the case of the map music, that's because the music loops seemlessly and gamers aren't liable to stay long enough on the map screen to get tired of it. * This patch has not been tested through the entire game. It works very early in the game, so it's likely to work throughout, but there could be spots where music repeats when it shouldn't or other little issues like that. If you find any such spots and they're not tolerable, you can always revert to the unpatched MUSIC.LIB, at least temporarily.
  7. Version 2.0


    By default, the GOG release (and probably the Steam release) of Galactic Battlegrounds Saga includes music, but rather than using the CD Audio from the Clone Campaigns expansion disc or the second disc of the "Galactic Battlegrounds Saga" combo re-release, it uses the CD Audio from the original 2001 release. This means that the audio track that plays during gameplay is 7 minutes and 28 seconds shorter and doesn't contain any music from Attack of the Clones. The music here has been ripped from the second disc of the "Galactic Battlegrounds Saga" release of the game, put through an error checker, and converted to a 500 kbps Ogg Vorbis file. To use in the GOG release of the game, simply extract the contents of the RAR archive to the installation folder using 7-Zip or WinRAR.
  8. Version 1.0


    This DLL fixes the issue with Earthworm Jim: Special Edition crashing after setting the game's compatibility mode. Taken from this article: https://www.play-old-pc-games.com/2014/09/07/earthworm-special-edition/
  9. Version 1.2


    The Incredible Machine 3 CD-audio soundtrack patched for digital re-release ---------------------------------------------------------------- This CD-audio soundtrack is meant to enhance The Incredible Machine 3. The original release of the game included CD-audio music, which is sadly missing from the digital re-release. Instead, MIDI music is used, which to many listeners may sound unappealing. Even though GOG.com provide the CD-audio soundtrack as an optional download, it is not used in the game itself. Rather than use those files, however, I ripped the original audio tracks from my copy of The Incredible Machine 2. Since The Incredible Machine 3 uses exactly the same soundtrack, they can be used to substitute the MIDI music in the digital re-release. The original audio tracks have been converted to MP3s at the highest quality preset (320 kps CBR), using the most recent version of the LAME encoder. The download includes all the necessary files to play them in the game. Installation: -------------- - After installing the game, rename its directory to something else - Extract all the files in the archive into this directory, overwriting one file - Run _inmmcnf.exe from the renamed game directory once, and close its window Before you uninstall, remember to rename the game directory back to default. Enjoy! Credits: ---------- Irori - whose audio wrapper I used: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/8282/ Collector (The Sierra Help Pages) - whose installer for the game gave me the idea: http://www.sierrahelp.com/index.html Timothy Steven Clarke, Randy Dersham, Jan Paul Moorhead, Ken Rogers (of the long-defunct Jeff Tunnel Productions) - for creating this awesome soundtrack
  10. 1,645 downloads

    This file contains music which is missing from the PC version of DMC3.
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