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  1. Version 1.0


    Source: https://mega.nz/#!JhIjDSrQ!DucssMVKJJweOdX_YBR6tq3QtJuqZou4nuixemkLX-k Mirroring here because the author's site no longer exists. leggimi-ORIGINALE.txt: ************************************************************* TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO DI JEDI KNIGHT JEDI ACADEMY by VGAMETT ************************************************************* Titolo : Jedi Academy ITA Autore : VGameTT Website : http://vgamett0.altervista.org/jediacademy.php Forum Ufficiale : http://www.consolelevelup.it/dimensioneforum/index.php Versione : 1.0 |/.:CREDITI:.\| XaRaBaS : Responsabile della traduzione e Traduttore DNA : Editor terzappi : Beta-tester Tidus : Beta-tester Files : JAuser-ita.pk3 , Setup.tab Dimensioni Files : 591 KB , 12 KB Un ringraziamento a tutti quelli che hanno collaborato al progetto ed in particolare alla mia ragazza Rita per il grande supporto morale. Massimiliano"XaRaBaS"Barresi |/.:PROBLEMI CONOSCIUTI:.\| -L'installer potrebbe dare problemi con alcuni OS in quanto necessita dei runtime di visual basic. Se dopo la loro installazione il problema persiste allora provate con l'installazione manuale facendo come segue: 1. Procuratevi WinRar; 2. Apri il file scaricato con il winrar; 3. Estrai i files "JAuser-ita.pk3" e "Setup.tab"; 4. Copia "JAuser-ita.pk3" in "C:\Programmi\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base" 5. Sovrascrivi "Setup.tab" in "C:\Programmi\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Install" Per la segnalazione di errori o suggerimenti riguardanti la traduzione, andate nel topic apposito nel nostro forum. Nel caso di problemi di installazione o non riusciste ad avanzare nell’avventura, potete tranquillamente chiedere tutto quello che volete nel nostro forum. N.B.: QUESTA MODIFICAZIONE NON E' FATTA, DISTRIBUITA, O SUPPORTATA DA ACTIVISION, RAVEN, O LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. VGAMETT NON SI ASSUME NESSUNA RESPONSABILITA' DEI DANNI ARRECATI IN CASO DI MAL FUNZIONAMENTO DEL GIOCO. USA QUESTO FILE CON IL CONSENSO DELL'AUTORE, MA NON PUO' ESSERE MODIFICATO, AGGIUNTO IN ALTRI PROGETTI SENZA AVER CONTATTATO IL VGAMETT TRAMITE INDIRIZZO EMAIL.
  2. SirYodaJedi

    Crysis Hi-res icon

    Version (Maximum Res)


    This is a simple enhancement for the default desktop icon for Crysis 1. The default icon maxes out at 48x48, so I found a high quality render (thanks DuelZ) that matches the original icon and cropped it appropriately to the same proportions as the original icon to create a 256x256 icon to make full use of that Windows Vista goodness.
  3. It is vaguely written with regards to copy-protection bypassal that doesn't require a separate download. If it required a no-cd cracked exe or a external patcher, then it would be clearly breaking the rules. But just copying files from the disc? Or should we remove *any* links to unofficial downloads that remove DRM, even when that isn't the primary intent, such as with the Unreal 227i patch? https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Unreal#OldUnreal_227_Patch
  4. I think there are cases where including such instructions make would sense. For example, the preorder DLC for Spec Ops: The Line can be unlocked by simply modifying some .ini files, and this is akin to the wiki's current (unspoken) rules on including instructions for how to bypass DRM. DLC for Lego The Lord of the Rings was only released on PS3 and X360, but you can mod the PC version (and probably the Wii version) to get said DLC. Despite being logical inclusions, they still count as piracy. That is the unfortunate reality of how ethical ≠ legal.
  5. Version


    The icon embedded in the executable for Anodyne 2: Return to Dust has blurry interpolation between pixels, despite having an original resolution of 16x16. This even affects the 16x16 version of the icon, so it likely is some weird quirk of Unity. I have manually recreated the icon pixel-by-pixel and integer upscaled to all major icon resolutions except 24x24 as to achieve a pixel-perfect upscale.
  6. SirYodaJedi

    Forsaken Remastered icon scaling fix



    The default icon included in the executable of Forsaken Remastered is only included in the size 256x256. Due to this, Windows uses nearest neighbor downscaling to create the 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48 icons when they are needed (such as on the taskbar or in the Start Menu). The icon file provided here includes these resolutions and more, linearly downscaled from 256x256 to preserve clarity. It also includes the 8-bit 32x32 icon from the original 1998 release of Forsaken.
  7. Looks nice. Added to the list of recommended graphical mods on the wiki page. Would be nice if he mentioned what program and model he used to upscale them, though.
  8. SirYodaJedi

    What's the origin of your name?

    Back when I got my first iPod Touch, I needed to come up with a username for Game Center (back when it was still relevant). I hadn't really made many accounts that I would need a non-identifying username prior, so I just kinda came up with something that reflected my tastes at the time. Yoda was taken, and so was Yoda Jedi and Sir Yoda, so I went with Sir Yoda Jedi (the Sir came from my Mom pointing out that Yoda is a Jedi Knight). It later changed to Sir Yoda, Jedi, then SirYodaJedi, as I used it across more accounts. I now use it as my main online username, as I'm practically the only person who uses it. Common nicknames I go by on sites that allow me to set a nickname that is different from the username are Yui (because I have a lot of avatars of Yui Fuinami and Yui Hirasawa), SirYoda, and Yoda (in that order). Are Jedi Grandmasters still considered Jedi Knights?
  9. 960x540 would be the actual 16:9 resolution. I doubt the letterboxing would be that distracting, regardless.
  10. Interesting. I'd probably recommend setting the r.ScreenPercentage to a value under 100 instead of changing the output resolution. What frame rates did you achieve on the high-end rig with all settings maxed out? This would help me a better judge how well it would perform for my system.
  11. SirYodaJedi

    The Curse of Monkey Island icon



    Or the curse of GOG not using the original icon for games, take your pick. The GOG version of The Curse of Monkey Island does not include the original executable, and as such the original icon is missing (due to GOG always using a different icon from the original). Additionally, the Steam version uses a lower resolution than the original (32x32 instead of 48x48). The icon provided here is taken from the retail executable and upscaled to scale nicely on Windows Vista and newer (as well as Linux).
  12. SirYodaJedi

    Giants: Citizen Kabuto - EAX fix



    Required to enable reverb and occlusion in the GOG.com version of Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Also streamlines the process for use with the retail version. Compatible with the 1.5 patch; if using it, install the patch first, then apply this fix. Source: https://mega.nz/#!yE9AGQSI!2TBqZid0JM9hX6XqbwLaKAgnr1Ge87L-OeKYa7Pa6s4
  13. SirYodaJedi

    Creative ALchemy

    This version is out of date. A up to date version can be found here.
  14. SirYodaJedi

    Creative ALchemy Universal

    Also, this might be a newer version.