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  1. SirYodaJedi

    Maui Mallard Mega Drive Soundtrack Mod

    Version 1.0.0


    The soundtrack from the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, converted for use in the GOG release of the Windows 3.1 version. Also included is an optional replacement for the elevator audio, also taken from the Mega Drive version. Mod by geekgamer on GOG. Soundtrack conversion by Project 2612.
  2. The editing guide says that Surround sound is only applicable to 3D games, and that 2D games should be set to N/A. However, as Rose and I have been adamant about, a 2D game can have surround sound; it just is very rare. I believe that |surround sound = should be set to N/A only if the game does not have any audio to begin with.
  3. Example of where it would be useful: https://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=The_Elder_Scrolls_III%3A_Morrowind&type=revision&diff=716310&oldid=716303
  4. SirYodaJedi

    Empty wmv file

    Any game that uses .wmv intros, probably.
  5. SirYodaJedi

    Wall-E demo



    Source: https://www.fileplanet.com/archive/p-10079/WALL-E-Demo
  6. Version


    This icon is a replacement for the original 8-bit icon for Giants: Citizen Kabuto. It is a modified version of the icon created by Glude on GiantsWD. Their icon has a transparency effect; this icon has a plain black background like the original. Comparison: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/gallery/album/141-giants-citizen-kabuto-icon-comparison/ Scroll to zoom
  7. SirYodaJedi

    Jedi Outcast Higher quality icon

    Version 2.1


    This icon is a replacement for the original 8-bit icon for Jedi Outcast. It uses the Steam Banner, which I have upscaled and deartefaced using Waifu2x's UpResNet10 model. I have also included the full quality version of the OpenJK icon, which I have since pushed to master on GitHub. Comparison: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/gallery/album/140-jedi-outcast-icon-comparison/ Scroll to zoom
  8. SirYodaJedi

    Jedi Outcast Icon Comparison

  9. SirYodaJedi

    Doom 3 High-res icon



    This is a simple enhancement for the default Win32 icon for Doom 3. The default icon maxes out at 48x48, so I took the texture pentastic1.dds from the demo and created an icon with a maximum resolution of 256x256. Although pentastic1.dds is 512x512, I did not include a full resolution version of the icon due to extreme macroblocking. Additonally, all the original icon sizes are taken from the original icon due to the texture becoming less clear below 64x64. Doom3.ico is the icon. pentastic1.dds is the original texture, and Doom3-512.png is a version of it cropped to a circle.
  10. SirYodaJedi

    Versions/Editions Table

    Yes, different versions are supposed to be explained in Availability. Tie Fighter and Quake have two excellent examples of good ways to explain these. There is not currently a standard for how to do this, however, other than that it should be under a Level 3 heading titled “Version differences”.
  11. SirYodaJedi

    Resolutions specification

    To compound upon what Mirh said (3 years ago!), there are different use cases when I would want to know if 4K or 2160p are supported. Let's assume I have a 3840x2160 monitor (even though I don't). Vertical Resolution - 2160p: Many older games are designed for a 4:3 resolution. Even if the HUD doesn't get stretched at widescreen resolutions, I still have to deal with altered FOVs and potential culling that would make an experience not go down as intended. For this reason, I would see if the game can run at 2880x2160. This isn't a truly "4K" resolution, but it has the same vertical resolution as my monitor, so I still have a nice crisp image. Horizontal Resolution - "4K": Maybe there is a new game out that I can't quite play at native resolution with an acceptable frame rate on my 3840x2160 monitor. I might try to play it at 3840x1600 instead, as the reduction in vertical resolution means that I can reduce the load on the GPU. Despite this, I am still playing at "4K", and the horizontal resolution matches that of my monitor, so I don't need to deal with image scaling.
  12. SirYodaJedi

    Names without caps

    To list the actual capitalization, use the |title = function in the infobox, as seen on the page for eden*.
  13. SirYodaJedi

    Unreal Test

  14. SirYodaJedi

    Unreal Test