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Official english worldwide retail (CD/DVD versions) patch for Civilization IV: Warlords. This is the latest patch for Civilization 4 Warlords.

What's New in Version 2.13


  • Ship combat odds no longer affected by crossing a river
  • Game no longer crashes when you load a save with the diplomacy screen open
  • Fixed bug where ships could sometimes attack ground units
  • When the user is the last human player in a multiplayer game, the retire option now works properly
  • Forts act as cities only if they within friendly (ally or vassal) to the defender borders
  • GameCore DLL no longer loaded from CustomAssets folder. Mods can still have their own DLL
  • Fixed pop-rush rounding bug
  • Fixed absenece of production popup for conquered city under certain circumstances
  • Fixed multiple missions exploit from the same Great Person
  • GNP graph shows total commerce generated, not only raw commerce
  • Just one Cathedral required for OCC
  • Barbarian Spearmen and Galleys appear as intended
  • Fixed crop yield history reset on load
  • Fixed removed spy teleportation mission
  • Fixed hotseat tech chooser bug
  • Game no longer hangs when you retire from a one-player hotseat game
  • Widescreen Laptop video resolution 1280x720 is supported

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