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  1. I can confirm 3DRipper works for other platforms too.
  2. Check out some Zalman mice too. They are sturdy in their design and manufacturing and come with some nice features (reinforced cables, ferrite beads, etc). Their prices aren't Razer-ridiculous either. I've been using the ZALMAN ZM-M401R for years myself and I've gotta say they are sturdy and reliable. And by using I mean Unreal Tournament/strategy games intensive use, not some easy clicking games
  3. Truer words have never been spoken. The trend to remaster games newer than a decade old still baffles me.
  4. I know I'm the only one answering, but this game holds a special place in my games library (i love it more than the old GTA games). First try the new patch (1.00.2 or 1.02 or 1.2). Secondly, you can try another wrapper like dgvoodoo2 and use those .dlls to the same folder as the executable. If that fails, Try this as per pcgamingwiki https://github.com/ThirteenAG/WidescreenFixesPack/releases/tag/scarface Download the generic fix and run the game with the .bat file. Then change between your discreet GPU (Nvidia/AMD) and onboard GPU (Intel). After this I really can't find anything else to workaround the directX 7/8 messing with windows 10 on old games. The only thing that saves old games from graphical glitches are wrappers that transform directx 6/7/8 games to utilize directx 9/10/11.
  5. I don't know anything else. I'm currently running the game at 1080p with no graphical issues. The executable is run as administrator with those 3 .dlls placed in the same folder as the executable and is obviously cracked since "Scarface the world is yours" uses Starforce DRM which causes serious issues on windows 10 machines. Proof
  6. https://fdossena.com/?p=wined3d/index.frag Download the pre-vulkan zip and copy d3d9.dll libwine.dll and wined3d.dll to the game's installation folder. If this doesn't work download the vulkan release and copy the same files.
  7. Have you already owned a physical copy of the game before you installed the unofficial patches? If yes, there's nothing gray about it. For new copies of The Suffering, GOG already has removed the DRM/copy protection, so there's no problems there.
  8. STALKER: Anomaly or STALKER:Call of Chernobyl are probably the only free games I've invested more than 500 hours in. Albeit they are mods of Stalker:Call of Pripyat, they are standalone by themselves. Other than that, any and all free games out there (including popular ones like Path of Exile) sooner or later end up with paywalls, shading trading business within the game or boring after the first few hours (e.g. I got bored with Team Fortress 2 after 40 hours). But I have to ask though: Can't you see a review, download a demo or just plain watch a gameplay video of a game to get the gist of it before you buy it? What makes the purchase of a game always being regrettable? I've bought way too many games on GOG and never regretted a single thing I've bought.
  9. Version 1.01f


    Official english worldwide retail (CD/DVD versions) patch for Civilization IV: Colonization. This is the latest patch.
  10. Version 1.74


    Official english worldwide retail (CD/DVD versions) patch for the Civilization IV base game. This is the latest official patch.
  11. Version 1.61


    Official english worldwide retail (CD/DVD versions) patch for Civilization IV base game.
  12. Version 2.13


    Official english worldwide retail (CD/DVD versions) patch for Civilization IV: Warlords. This is the latest patch for Civilization 4 Warlords.
  13. Version 2.08


    Official english worldwide retail (CD/DVD versions) patch for Civilization IV: Warlords.
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