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About This File

Official english worldwide retail (CD/DVD versions) patch for the Civilization IV base game. This is the latest official patch.

What's New in Version 1.74


  • Cossack gets only 25% bonus versus mounted
  • Can no longer upgrade Marines and SAM Infantry to Mech Infantry
  • Fixed MP Retire crash
  • MP - Can no longer bypass the delay timer
  • Pitboss fix for the bug where you would not get the free tech from the Oracle if you were not online
  • Fixed forced specialist bug
  • Fixed bug preventing AI from building ICBMs
  • Fixed exploit allowing you to build unique unit of a different civ by saving it in your build queue from a different game
  • Game no longer crashes when you load a save with the diplomacy screen open
  • First strike combat bug fix
  • Fixed transported unit gifting bug
  • Fixed pop-rush rounding bug
  • Widescreen Laptop video resolution 1280x720 is supported
  • Fixed multiple missions exploit from the same Great Person

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