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ElDewrito - Unofficial Fix for RTX GPUs 0.6.1rc-RTX

About This File

What is this?

This is an unofficial patch to Halo Online which fixes the crashes relating to the game's use of contrails, which caused RTX GPUs to crash when the game was played.
An example of a contrail is the smoke that follows a sniper shot.

This updated release removes all dependency on the mtndew.dll file - fixing the RTX crashes, while allowing players to be fully updated to

How to Install

  1. Ensure that the ElDewrito Mod is fully updated to 0.6.1.
    • If the player has used the previous version of this fix they must also download the original mtndew.dll file - which is also attached here.
  2. Go to the Game's Directory and replace the current binkw32.dll - and mtndew.dll if the player has used the previous version - with this one.

File Checksum - binkw32.dll







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File Checksum - mtndew.dll







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What's New in Version 0.6.1rc-RTX


  • Fixes Contrails instead of just removing them - allowing players to see in-game effects such as Sniper Rifle shots.
  • Removes dependency on the mtndew.dll file - allowing players to get all the fixes and removing all Known Issues of the previous version of this fix.

WARNING: If you have used this mod previously (0.6.1b-RTX), you will need to restore the previous mtndew.dll file - which is also included - as this update requires the original DLL.

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