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  1. Version 0.6.1b-RTX


    What is this? This is an older build of the update which - due to this patch - is compatible with RTX GPUs. This does come with a few drawbacks which are discussed in the Known Issues section. How to Install Ensure that the ElDewrito Mod is fully updated to 0.6.1. Go to the Game's Directory and replace the current mthdew.dll with this one. Known Issues Cannot use the Report Players functionality due to the feature not being implemented when this patch was made. Audio Latency and Cutoff is still present in this patch - A workaround is to enable Aggressive Audio Discarding in the Mod's Audio Settings. File Checksums MD5: 1e7409c20719a446be3979b804c656a2 SHA1: 251f5034da40fbd2cc73e7d52d0624a70bbfcbea SHA256: cab8a3ff70884add0a9b1b37e3f3279ea874501cdba7ff691dd7445d07c3863e VirusTotal Scan: Click Here
  2. Weion

    PC Report: Fallout 4

    Good report, only two things that I found wrong with it though: the game uses TAA not nVidia's TXAA and the game is capped to the monitor's refresh rate instead of just 60FPS (In my case it was capped to 144Hz).
  3. Version


    SOMA DualShock 4 Button Prompts Changes the XBOX Button Prompts to DS4 in SOMA Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=522804955 Author: MrHonselâ„¢ For this article: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/SOMA