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The Suffering Series AiO Patch

About This File

This is All-in-One unofficial patch for The Suffering: Prison Is Hell and The Suffering: Ties That Bind, which provides all improvements and bugfixes
for the games in one convenient package.

Included patches/fixes:


  • Fixed the bug with game interpreting available hard disk space value incorrectly, preventing users from saving the game and the config file from being updated if they have more than 2 TB of free space on their hard drive.
  • Widescreen support; all supported resolutions are selectable, FOV is adjusted according to the screen's aspect ratio, HUD and in-game FMVs are adjusted as well so they don't stretch with wide aspect ratios.
  • Resolutions available in fullscreen mode are also available in windowed mode.
  • Game's own threads are bound to run on the CPU's first core, this reduces the probability of 'black texture bug' occurrence.
  • Game will now use the audio device selected in Riot Engine Configuration dialog instead of always using default device.
  • Hardware accelerated DirectSound buffers are no longer explicitly requested and the default limit of sound buffers has been increased to prevent sound dropouts on typical modern PC.
  • EAX option has been disabled in Riot Engine Configuration in Sound tab (EAX effects are not implemented).
  • Added frame rate limiter which defaults to limiting the game to run at 59 FPS to workaround bugs that occur at higher frame-rates and provides better mouse response when monitor runs at 60 Hz and VSync is enabled.
  • Game will set monitor's refresh rate to 60 Hz when in fullscreen mode.
  • Ability to tweak mouse sensitivity value if using in-game sensitivity slider doesn't achieve desired effect.
  • Removed bad DirectX check, game will launch without error or DirectPlay pop-up dialog on Windows 8+ if DirectPlay isn't present (which is the default).
  • Made game's message loop more conventional (PeekMessage called without message filtering) to workaround the bug in Windows' Desktop Window Manager, which causes oddities in windowed mode; window being declared unresponsive and replaced with a ghost window after 5 seconds when it loses focus. It even happens that the DWM tries to replace the game window with a ghost window during normal gameplay.
  • Use GetMessage in the message loop for the Riot Engine Configuration dialog rather than PeekMessage, this normalizes CPU usage of said dialog.
  • Embedded manifest in executables:
    -Marked as compatible with all existing Windows versions.
    -Marked as high-DPI aware.
    -Marked as UAC (User Account Control) aware.
    -Requests version 6.00 of Common Controls Library to enable visual styles in Riot Engine Configuration dialog.
  • Registry settings are written to HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  • User files are redirected to Documents folder, in "My Games\The Suffering [TTB]".
  • Removed all calls to RegFlushKey (not needed).
  • Removed the call to OutputDebugString that was needlessly made every frame.
  • Reordered icons in the .exe's resource so the Torque icon is the main one instead of the Riot Engine logo.

Prison Is Hell specific:

  • Selecting anything but the first entry in the Display Driver drop-down list in Riot Engine Configuration dialog will no longer result in the empty Display Mode list, so the game can now be made to run on any monitor, not just the primary one.
  • Fixed the bug with gamma setting not being applied at game startup.
  • Textures now appear clearer when looked at from the distance.
  • Don't grab keyboard exclusively when in fullscreen; Win key works and Alt-Tab behaves normally on modern Windows versions.
  • Added window caption.
  • Disabled screenshot feature (F10 key) since it crashes.

Ties That Bind specific:

  • Registry settings are stored in a separate value called SettingsDX106 rather than SettingsDX105, which is used by the first game since the binary structures between the games aren't 100% compatible between each other.
  • Fixed the bug with some sounds being delayed when 3D sound buffers are enabled.
  • Added file (Common\System\System.odu) that turns off censorship of Creeper's famous part of dialog (for English version only).


To install, simply extract contents of each game's folder into your own, overwriting original files.

Important: When applying the patch to The Suffering: Ties That Bind, copy the Common folder only if you have the English version of the game.

Known issues


  • On wide resolutions, aspect ratio correction causes right side of the screen that should be blank to appear garbled when viewing Archives pages.

Prison Is Hell specific:

  • Field of view calculation causes inventory icons to be rendered at wrong place and often appears invisible.

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

So to those thinken this patch fixes the game...note it doesnt...

Want to fix The Suffering?

go watch this video https://youtu.be/yOGenTfbfqo

It shows me running the game natively in 1080 HD with proper aspect ratio at 60FPS and in the video I link to my guide to achieve it.

and yes with my method you may play the game even upto 4k or 8k at 60 fps and you wont get any graphical distortions or glitches like this patch provides.

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