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The Big Kahuna - Get an incredible total of 48 total Paradox games on Steam and 20 total soundtracks! Check out the full list of games here.

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Sometimes the only barrier to playing a PC game is as simple finding "the right file in the wrong place..." (from our amusing slogans thread) and moving/deleting/burning it with fire, or finding some obscure patch or community fix. For gamers who are disabled, these problems can feel insurmountable, which is why I always like seeing a story where one gamer uses their PC game fixing skills to help others:


Redditor joey6957 had a problem playing SimCity:

When you put a road on the map you use the mouse clicker & hold it while determining where to put the road & at the same time you press the N key or M key to lower or raise the the road. When i lay a road down i use my Quadjoy which the device only allows you to do '1 thing at a time.' In other words I cant press the N key or M key on the on screen keyboard while laying a road.

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After a bumpy pre-launch, Final Fantasy XIV is now available. However, a curious new 'Materials Usage Policy' has been unearthed which comes into effect today, and makes statements such as:

You may not monetize your video via the YouTube partner program or any similar programs on other video sharing sites.

External URL: http://www.pcgamesn.com/splinter-cell-blacklist-steam-version-rendered-unlaunchable-numerous-territories

PCGamesN reports problems with Splinter Cell: Blacklist's release for players in certain countries:

Players in South Africa, Bermuda, Kuwait, Indonesia, Egypt, Israel, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Cyprus, and Serbia have been stuck in a state of perpetual pre-load, despite the game’s recent release in all of those countries.

External URL: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta/discussions/0/864976837774750483

From user The iTea Guy in the Steam Client Beta support forum:

My Client has been putting me into "Kid Mode", i have not configured or set it up at all, and you cant turn it odd without a PIN which again "I never setup". only way to get out is to sign out and Back in, but shortly after browsing my library it turns it back on again.