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Redditor helps a quadriplegic gamer play SimCity

  • http://www.dailydot.com/lifestyle/reddit-simcity-quadriplegic-gamer/

    Sometimes the only barrier to playing a PC game is as simple finding "the right file in the wrong place..." (from our amusing slogans thread) and moving/deleting/burning it with fire, or finding some obscure patch or community fix. For gamers who are disabled, these problems can feel insurmountable, which is why I always like seeing a story where one gamer uses their PC game fixing skills to help others:


    Redditor joey6957 had a problem playing SimCity:

    When you put a road on the map you use the mouse clicker & hold it while determining where to put the road & at the same time you press the N key or M key to lower or raise the the road. When i lay a road down i use my Quadjoy which the device only allows you to do '1 thing at a time.' In other words I cant press the N key or M key on the on screen keyboard while laying a road.


Daily Dot's writeup:

Redditor ProcsKalone immediately jumped to the rescue. With a passing knowledge of Autoit, an automation language program, he got to work on a code that "sends the 'n' or 'm' key every 1 second to SimCity," thus eliminating the need to do so manually. After programming several other keyboard functions, tweaking the command that switches the automation on and off, he submitted the link to joey6957.


Via Simtropolis.


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I've visited and written about SpecialEffect, a charity in the UIK which specialises in helping gamers who are disabled find hacks and methods for controlling their gamers.


I would very much like PCGamingWiki to become a positive and beneficial resource for disabled gamers, and I'm happy for us to try and provide help and support for specific issues too. If you know anyone who has a problem that needs fixing, encourage them to post up in our Forums and we can have a crack at it :).

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