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PCGW Adding a New, Community-Driven Feature: "Works on My Machine" Ratings for Pending Issues

  • At PCGamingWiki, we have spent a decade documenting the nitty-gritty technicals of games. We pride ourselves on giving the PC gaming community a reliable source for optimizing, fixing, and improving the experience of their games. However, there has been a crucial element missing from our pages, and one we have working in silence to rectify for years.

    It occurred to us that in many cases, we document fixes with no understanding of who is affected by them. This is why starting this month, we will be introducing the new "Works on My Machine" vote. In the near future, this vote will roll out automatically to every issue logged in either Issues fixed or Issues unresolved per page.



Why are we changing this?

This is a response to the issue of users being confused as to which bugs and problems they may face when purchasing a new game.

"Well, I want to buy ELEX 2, but I don't have a Vega graphics card. Will the skybox bug still hurt my experience?"

"I have an SSD and my loading times are near instant. Why are people complaining about hitching and long loading times?"

"Why can't PCGW be representative of my perfect gaming experience?"

Well, now it can be!

How does it work?

This feature will begin exclusively for the Issues Unresolved section. When the feature goes live, an up and down arrow will be available for votes on every issue. Voting will be restricted to logged-in users and only one vote, positive or negative, is allowed for users.

If any issue receives enough positive votes to equal 10% of the average views per week of a page, the Issue will be marked as "Works Fine" and strikethrough will be applied to the issue. From this point onwards, the issue will no longer be available for editing, effectively closing the issue entirely.

In the future, we will take these stray, irrelevant issues and compile them into a new category, Issues disregarded. Here, users can bid on NFT memorabillia of past issues so they can take a small piece of PCGW with them wherever they go using the power of the Blockchain!*

*Acquiring a PCGW minted NFT will not result in ownership of any PCGW content.

How can I help?

When the feature goes live in the near future, we encourage you to log in and vote on issues for the games you play regularly. Going forward, the PC gaming community can finally have a reliable place to document which games are working correctly on their PCs, adding transparency and removing unnecessary concerns or investigations from the equation.

In summary

In the near future, expect a slew of important changes to finally make the Issues section of our pages retain their usefulness to everyday players that never run into bugs. We hope that going forward, you will enjoy browsing our pages more often with odd one-off cases and hardware-specific issues no longer clogging up the page of your favorite games.


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They joke, but something similar to this could be useful for tracking what works reliably, what only sometimes works, and what the underlying problem might actually be. Something this simple wouldn't be good, but it could be a start on something useful.

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