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Steam has begun listing Subtitle support on Steam pages


After a petition a few weeks ago Valve has apparently updated Steam pages to include more comprehensive language information. For examples see the Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 pages.


While this is helpful, it's unfortunately currently inaccurate. For example, Half-Life 2 definitely has subtitle support but it isn't listed on its Steam page. For now at least, please confirm in the game itself whether or not a game supports subtitles, do not use the Steam page.


I also wanted to suggest updating our Audio Settings template to support these new additions. Specifically what languages these games support. Thoughts?


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I've found that PCGamingWiki does provide more accurate information than the Steam store, e.g. Braid lists Steam Cloud as a feature, but it does not work.


Interested in language support. However I am worried about the tables taking up way too much room. I don't want a new table row for every single language, but maybe we could have a single row containing a list of every language supported in a horizontal, comma separated list. However that would mean missing out 'full audio' and 'subtitles' for every language.


Is there a way to do have a full list without it using up too much space? Maybe we could do a collapsed table.

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But is there any point to those rows? I mean the languages often differ region to region - personally, I often only get English + Polish, Czech, Slovak or something similar, because of the region I buy games in. Another thing entirely are older games which are localized only in specific releases. I don't think it's realistic to consider adding those three rows due to all of those complications.

Good point, I had forgotten about that. I definitely agree, adding those would be overly complicated.


Does anyone know if there's a website dedicated to this kind of thing?

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