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List of AI upscaled games


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Some other games with AI upscaled textures I know of:

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You can also add:

Rayman 2:  https://raymanpc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=74254&p=1413461#p1413461

Rayman 3: https://raymanpc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=74274

Prototype: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/1964-hi-res-textures-for-prototype/

Fallout New Vegas: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/66368

American McGee's Alice (2011): https://www.nexusmods.com/americanmcgeesalice/mods/1

Psychonauts, Witcher II, and for more see:


for less precise, but more complex results just search for "texture" instead of "upscale" but I'm aware we search for upscales instead of simply HD texture packs.


I'd rather focus on creating a list of just PC upscales, because it's much harder to make such mod for games with DX8 and lower because there is no universal dumper/injector like TexMod and it requires messing with game archives, sometimes patching executables to override 4GB memory limit (not always universal 4GB patcher is enough). And also be aware that Glide has limitation of 256px for textures, so it's not possible to make any mod for this API with visible changes (it was tested with e.g. Rayman 2 which has also DX8 renderer).

The amount of HD Tex mods for other platforms is huge already, texture dumping and injecting is much easier if emulator provides such ability.

For example, visit Gaming Revived:


There are new packs constantly posted.

Their discord:



You need to Google for the game code/hask to get the game's name, or simply search by the specific game code. Proper region code needed.


There are already hundreds of upscales for console versions out there. Making a list of it might be pointless. So I guess it's better to focus on PC upscales. Or with an exception of PS2 mods, since they're in minority since not long time ago there was no official support for texture injecting/dumping in PCSX2, and someone wrote plugin for older PCSX2 version, but it can be officially taken down already.

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I'll add your links, thanks

Personally I think, console games need this treatment too, it's just harder to sort them out.

It's good when you want to play some game that was on several consoles and don't know which version to choose

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16 minutes ago, kim2091 said:


Maybe putting the upscaled packs on the wiki
dedicated to it is a better idea. I believe there's already a list on there, it's just fallen into disuse.

I've been there too. Their wiki is 10 times smaller already))

And I have both GU discord and Gaming Revival discord


It's not important where to maintain such list, important is to maintain it.


I think it would be interesting for me for a few weeks. After that I don't know, maybe community will do something

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Texture packs by Vierock are sadly paywalled... 🙄

EDIT: Forgot to mention that unfortunately NR74W has disappeared and his texture packs with him, but there are mirrors available from this reddit post below through MEGA and another user sharing links to Github mirrors, but the latter on Github has an incomplete texture pack for WIpEout Pure (seems to only affect UI). Furthermore, the upscaled versions of these texture packs also only seem to work properly when running PPSSPP in DirectX 11 (Vulkan from my testing caused some UI and text textures appearing as black squares).



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